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  1. soundb0y

    Can you control a electric heater over lan ?

    Check out the inkbird ITC 308 wifi edit - ah just saw the no wifi reqs.
  2. soundb0y

    Ageism should we tolerate it?

    Wealthy old people are some of the tightest people in existence.
  3. soundb0y

    Anyone want to own up to this?

    Maybe the photo is from before the top layer is applied. Had a drive tarmacked a few months back and it looked like this until the top layer went on.
  4. soundb0y

    Paul Joseph Watson - possibly a bit racist?

    Mate what is the point of this post. Does anyone actually know who this is without looking him up? Then its ******* irrelevant to our lives. Normally dont see why everyone gets so wound up by you but this is just clutching for some outrage right?
  5. soundb0y

    New Trainers

    Same here, first time win on footpatrol I think
  6. soundb0y

    New Trainers

    Are these Spectre/Bond themed? Sure I recognise the tongue logo
  7. soundb0y

    *** Forum Update - Official Issues Thread - Please check the OP for known issues ***

    Didn't the forums just get updated a few months back...
  8. soundb0y

    New Trainers

    Cant go wrong with some killshots. I really wanted to like those gl3s. If they released the lighter shoe as its own pair Id have gotten them. I bought the air trainer chlorophylls but considering returning them.
  9. soundb0y

    Worried about the Queen

    Mate does a lot for different news stations as a bit of a royal correspondent or whatever you'd call it. Apparently he's filmed all his segments in preparation for her popping her clogs, a few months back already.
  10. soundb0y

    Pergola Canopy

    Ooh not seen these before. Was considering a pergola or something to go over the sex pond. Couldn't make up my mind if having a roof or not is the way to go.
  11. soundb0y

    Nursery room furniture - Help/recommended

    Facebook marketplace is the move for nursery furniture. Saved hundreds and hundreds instead of buying new.
  12. soundb0y

    What was your workplace/uni/school secret drama?

    Had a catchup with old schoolmates last week and I think we counted 7 or 8 teachers who were there in our time who got done for noncing. Latest one got locked up about 6 months ago. We all named another 4-5 who we were positive just never got caught yet.
  13. soundb0y

    New Trainers

    Repsneakers on reddit will tell you. Honestly I'm more surprised you found a pair on klekt cheaper than anywhere else.
  14. soundb0y

    Can I get decent sun glasses for £50?

    Anyone recommend anything similar to the ray ban clubmaster with polarized lenses? Just priced up a new pair and they were disgusting money
  15. soundb0y

    Will Smith hits Chris Rock on Oscars stage

    Makes me lol everytime
  16. soundb0y

    New Trainers

    Im still stuck with 2 or 3 pairs of the slates from the first drop. So glad I managed to return all those pairs of the resins too. The b.o.i asics? I always miss when they are dropping nice gl3s
  17. soundb0y

    Spec me an LED Torch

    If your local town is anything like mine or those near just pop into one of the many many ecig shops and Im sure they will have something.
  18. soundb0y

    737-800 down in China

    Video is terrifying
  19. soundb0y

    Possibly clocked car purchase..

    Ha, my mechanic apparently has one of Mr Wests old defenders. Brought the logbook out to show me and all.
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