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  1. Flubble

    I hate tempered glass...

    it doesn't break that easily, i used to work in a glass factory and have dropped a piece of glass on the floor and it bounced lol you'd be surprised how tough it is especially once it's set on it's frame
  2. Flubble

    It's too hot :(

    at 10am this morning my skin felt like it's burning within seconds of going outside, so i stayed in.
  3. Flubble

    I can't get it up, and it's very floppy

    will it still work if you take the slidey bit off
  4. Flubble

    Always wear your safety glasses/goggles.

    i always put my safety glasses on and cut resistant gloves too smashed up some concrete steps once and had a small lump of it fly up and luckily just hit my cheek could have been a lot worse, worn them ever since. and toe caps, i have no toe nail on my left big toe because i didn't wear toe...
  5. Flubble

    30 mph !

    when i'm in my van and waiting to turn right, the amount of impatient people behind undertaking me that cant wait for < 30 seconds, i'm just sat there unable to turn even if there's a gap as the rear end swings out and ill smash up the idiots undertaking and i guess it will all be my fault if...
  6. Flubble

    1 PC 18 Displays???

    if all the screens are to show the same thing could you set up the tvs with a raspberry pi each streaming the feed from the main pc onto it, then you would only need the gfx card to power 1 screen?
  7. Flubble

    It's too hot :(

    been out delivering all day in my shorts in all the rain and loved it :D
  8. Flubble

    Police Gangster in Aberfeldy Tower Hamlets

    he should of just moved the car like they asked him to this is the junction it happened on in street view if anyone is interested: [edit] lol just noticed the same car is parked on the corner in 2018 and 2017
  9. Flubble

    Being obese causes cancer but...

    i've been meal prepping for a while now and losing weight, i get all the weeks cooking out the way in a couple of hours and just nuke it when i want it, love it, and its cheaper because i'm buying in bulk
  10. Flubble

    It's too hot :(

    i just died yesterday, 32c, hayfever, 4 nosebleeds and at work 9am to 7pm in a hot van yay i was in bed by 8pm
  11. Flubble

    Best place to get Polarised Prescription Sunglasses

    this, i saw no difference, i got those Transitions Drivewear lenses as i'm always driving for my job and found i just wasted my money on them they were no different to normal sunglasses apart from seeing peoples rear car windows with a boxy looking effect on them, i was still blinded by the sun
  12. Flubble

    Are you going to vote in the European Elections?

    what a poor turnout 36.7% :(
  13. Flubble

    What's with all the Barbers in town?

    no idea, i try to stay away from anything that might have a large queue on a saturday
  14. Flubble

    What's with all the Barbers in town?

    there's 5 right next to each other here and within a 0.4 mile walk we have 14 just along the main road
  15. Flubble

    Reason why they get on your case for council tax!

    Northampton Long-term debt PWLB loans: £205,731,000 Other public sector loans: £8,829,000 Private sector (LOBO loans): £9,068,000 Bonds and securities: £0 Total long-term borrowing: £223,628,000
  16. Flubble

    Neighbour Complaint About Gas Flue

    mine and neighbours make a giant cloud, on a cold day you can't see a thing lol :D
  17. Flubble

    What dug this hole?

    Patrick Stewart will sort out those parasitic rodents :p
  18. Flubble

    Parking fine dispute amongst friends

    driver should have got a proper parking spot, if i was the friend i would pay for any parking pay and display charges, but not pay a fine for parking illegally that's just silly.
  19. Flubble

    Boxes for parcels best place to get them?

    supermarkets don't really have boxes any more, everything is in little card display trays or shallow cardboard crates with a big hole in the middle or stacked loose on a pallet and shrink wrapped or in plastic re-usable crates that go back to the warehouse after you might get lucky with crisp...
  20. Flubble

    help lol (cleaning wheels and black spots)

    Thank you, will have a read of that thread i'm not expecting it to ever look new again, just to look at least a bit less embarrassing to drive about :p
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