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  1. GreatAuk

    Today's mass shooting in the US

    "Bing!" "Priti Patel wants to know your location."
  2. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Tbf she shouldn't be using quote marks if that's not actually what he said.... Still, the fact that that nitpicking is the point of contention and not the fact he's backing a lawbreaker in office is such a weird situation to be in.
  3. GreatAuk

    This Johnny Depp Stuff

    Civil case so the judge decided that on the balance of probabilities he believed what Amber said, and was satisfied that Johnny hit her in a number of occasions and so was a 'wifebeater'. Apparently based largely on her own account, and ignoring other evidence. The full judgement is written up...
  4. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    But what difference does it make that she was autistic and a self harmer? None of that means that she's not a danger to herself or others, in fact it makes it more likely that she's a danger to herself, and possibly others depending on the scenario. Plus you're taking that information from the...
  5. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    How could a female member of school staff be the guardian? Where would they come from? I wouldn't be surprised if it took hours to get a member of school staff to the police station considering they'll have to ring up, the headmaster/mistress will have to find a member of staff who doesn't mind...
  6. GreatAuk

    Cost of Living Crisis

    Yeah young people moving to London these days would have no chance of buying a house before their late 30s unless they earned an exceptionally high wage (bankers, management consultant types) or had family wealth anyway. One of the reasons that moving up North and living mortgage free in their...
  7. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    That is really poor too, but surely there's a bit more of an excuse in that case. She had already handed in a knife, and then another sharp object fell off her while being taken to shower. At that point making sure she didn't have any other weapons on her is surely a matter of some urgency, both...
  8. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    I used to do some work on railway infrastructure too, so had to do a special drugs and alcohol briefing, sign a register and follow the same rail industry rules, and technically could have been random tested (although I don't think anyone at my company was ever tested). The result was if you...
  9. GreatAuk

    Items you own that have followed you through life

    I have various folders with little mementos of things like cards from certain people, tickets to certain events etc. I guess the only proper sentimental items which I imagine I'll never get rid are a painting my grandad did (and used to hang on the wall when I was a kid) and an old teddy.
  10. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    I don't think there's any chance of lockdown breaches leading to Boris resigning now whatever comes out - it's old news, his allies have dug in defending him, and evidently they've weathered the storm. I really do struggle to imagine what would result in him resigning at this point! It would...
  11. GreatAuk

    Australian Election - Labor win

    Great news that Australia will get a more environmentally conscious government. Australia might be one of the best placed countries in the world for sustainable energy. > massively sunny, and huge areas of land which could be turned over to solar panels. > have their own uranium mines and...
  12. GreatAuk

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    To be fair from what she said afterwards I think she just misspoke and thought she had said it was 96% against. Still not great though and it's not like the rest of what she's said about channel 4 makes much more sense. In my mind Nadine Dorries and Diane Abbott are pretty much equal in...
  13. GreatAuk

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Would definitely be a lot harder if they were flying at top speed and dodging all over the place, but surely when you're firing 1000 rounds a minute it just means it takes a couple of seconds more shooting per target and you might have to spread the aim points over a wider area, but you'll still...
  14. GreatAuk

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Something like this? (not that it's fully developed or deployed anywhere AFAIK... ) I've also wondered why systems for taking out small / medium lightweight drones aren't more common. Definitely seems like a bit of a gap.
  15. GreatAuk

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    George Bush has made a pretty bold speech
  16. GreatAuk

    What Audiobooks are you listening to ?

    Shame audible haven't used a better quality source if it's available - only listened to them (about 5 so far probably) on Audible so hadn't realised the CDs have better quality. Might think about sourcing the CDs if I want to listen to any more.
  17. GreatAuk

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    Stocks and shares ISA with one of the free providers like trading 212 would be a good place to start probably. Different platforms have different pros and cons, not sure if there's one most people would recommend, but trading 212 seems like a decent option.
  18. GreatAuk

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Putin and Lavrov say a lot of things with no basis in reality, and following through on an implied threat to go nuclear if NATO forces get involved directly would just be really unbelievably dumb. Doesn't mean it won't happen - after all they invaded Ukraine which most people didn't think...
  19. GreatAuk

    When are you going fully electric?

  20. GreatAuk

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar Seems like a good sign that Russia could be starting to prepare citizens for a bit of a climb-down at some point. Who knows when that will be or how many more people will die before Russia does end up having to sign some kind of truce though.
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