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  1. edgedemon

    The (Ada) Lovelace architecture Thread.

    But you are talking over 10 yrs ago. I'm still sadly rocking a pair of R290's in X-fire from 2011. They were my first AMD cards and I've never had a driver issue so for me AMD are rock solid. AMD drivers are not a problem for me 10 yrs is an absolute age in IT tech, it is not relevant to go back...
  2. edgedemon

    AMD to unveil Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022

    I just want the damn thing to arrive, have the cash and my 11yr old PC is annoying me now, my upgrade itch is getting serious..
  3. edgedemon

    Who's running the worst GPU?

    I'm still rocking dual R290s from 2011 in x-fire in a Sandy bridge E build. Zen 4 can't come quick enough for me, though to be fair it is rare I wish my PC was more powerful, I just have the upgrade itch
  4. edgedemon

    Elden Ring

    It is getting harder and harder to resist this. I'm determined this will be the first game I play on my steam deck whenever it arrives, but it is a struggle. I have started Dark Souls remastered to scratch that itch for now
  5. edgedemon

    Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 - Race 1

    Well done Ferrari, nice to see you back..
  6. edgedemon

    Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 - Race 1

    Oh this should be interesting now...
  7. edgedemon

    *** Apple Event Tuesday 8th March 2022 @ 18:00 UK: 'Peek Performance' ***

    Gonna wait for the reviews but this might be my first ever Apple device. Purely for photo editing, but with the price of decent gfx cards through the roof, then suddenly the base studio starts to make slot of sense for creative work only... Edit - I have an apple tablet at work for testing, but...
  8. edgedemon

    The bad world of fitness trackers

    Interesting as that was not an option when I was googling when I bought it, everything was pointing to zepp>Strava>GF. I've ordered a Garmin Venu 2 for the heart rate monitoring whilst swimming so I can set up some custom workouts Thanks for the link though...
  9. edgedemon

    The bad world of fitness trackers

    I started getting more active last August when I took up swimming. I still look like someone flailing around, but Ive gone up from 500m in Aug to 1km a day on weekdays and 1.5Km at weekends. I also mix this up with sessions on the cross trainer and the odd bike ride. Currently I have a Mi band...
  10. edgedemon

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    Probably, I'm struggling with that as in 25yrs, I have never owned a pre built system, always built my own, it is a habit I'm loathe to give up on
  11. edgedemon

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    Last time I looked at gfx cards was the 6xxx launch event and I thought a 6800 would do nicely. I've had my head in the sand a bit since then, so new year, new PC and I'm depressed at the pricing of gfx cards when I'm starting to plan out my build. I'm currently rocking dual R290's from 2011 in...
  12. edgedemon

    *** The Official Elite: Dangerous Thread ***

    This was me, I spent days exploring/trading, I haven't played in years now, if I remember correctly I was way out making my way back in so that I could see an expert to increase my jump drive range. I'm talking about the days just after they brought planetary landings i and you still had to go...
  13. edgedemon

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    Isn't the whole Exynos/Snapdragon down to a patent dispute? We have to have Exynos in Europe for Samsung to avoid millions in royalties? I've reached the stage where pretty much any CPU will do me day to day, I tend to choose a phone for the camera now. My last phone was the S20 ultra which I...
  14. edgedemon

    Do you think it is worth it to become Microsoft Azure and 365 certified?

    Our entire organisation has just starting moving to Azure, we are building the PoC now. I'm going for the AZ 700 now followed by AZ 104, it is 30 years since I last took an exam! Definitely worth doing Amazon are the market leader in cloud, but Microsoft are growing fast as AAD was a key driver...
  15. edgedemon

    With AM5 + Zen 4 coming in H2 2022, is anyone still planning to build an Alder Lake system?

    I'm still rocking a 3930k sandybridge E with 32GB RAM and dual R290 in X-fire. I'm now ready to upgrade :cry: By the time Zen offered a big enough performance upgrade I'd already decided to wait for Zen 4 or whatever Intel has at the time, but I was expecting back then for Zen 4 to be here by...
  16. edgedemon

    *** Nintendo Switch ***

    Thanks for the heads-up for bomberman, have just purchased and will download when I get back to the UK
  17. edgedemon

    About to spend £1500 on a phone

    My Xperia 1ii contract runs out in Feb, I'm probably going to go for this. Yes it isn't a 1" sensor as it doesn't use the whole sensor, but I really like their photo pro app and GSM Arena review was quite telling when they compared it against the iPhone 13 pro. Disclaimer iPhones aren't an...
  18. edgedemon

    **** Please enable 2FA on your OcUK forum account ****

    This is a good thing but you really need to enable push notifications otherwise the whole thing becomes a ballache
  19. edgedemon

    *** Official October 18th Apple Event (18:00 BST) ***

    I use ON1 RAW ad there was a massive difference in performance once they enabled gpu acceleration ...
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