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  1. Ghosteh

    Is a Quest 2 the way to go?

    Just upgraded last week to the Quest 2 from the CV1, and the visual quality improvement has been amazing, especially in Elite Dangerous where I struggled to read some of the on screen text. But the flexibility of using Virtual Desktop to play SteamVR and Rift CV1 games has been the most amazing...
  2. Ghosteh

    Rift and glasses

    Use mine with glasses just fine. Not been at all uncomfortable and it's easy to put on and take off while wearing. Sometimes catch them when I take the headsets off, but very rarely.
  3. Ghosteh

    UK tourists to US may get asked to hand in passwords or be denied entry

    I think it came in under Bush Jr. I think what's different now is the frequency of this happening. More devices searched in 1 month compared to an entire year. I'm off to Vegas in July for a Security conference. I'm wiping my devices before I go regardless, but the fact I'm having to advise...
  4. Ghosteh

    New WC build for 1080ti/i7 5870k

    Yeah that was the review I was just reading myself. Kind of thrown me a bit really. I'll have a greater look at the radiator options tomorrow. Having said that, my last radiators were XSPC ones that were 61mm thick, so the standard ~31mm thickness should be fine. I will measure up when I have...
  5. Ghosteh

    New WC build for 1080ti/i7 5870k

    Really? I read reviews on the fans and they appeared to come off okay, maybe just not read the right reviews. As for the rads, any reason? To be fair, I'd not read any reviews and went on brand name as I would have expected good quality. Ideally I want to stick to a slim rad, at least for the...
  6. Ghosteh

    New WC build for 1080ti/i7 5870k

    So i managed to bag an MSI 1080ti FE recently, and it's pretty quiet, but I want it quieter as I was impatient and didn't want to wait for a custom solution, so I've decided to go down a custom WC loop and replace my current CPU AIO solution. My last (and first) WC build I did was about 7 years...
  7. Ghosteh

    ** The Apple Watch Series 2 Thread **

    For now I will probably skip this generation, as although the features are nice, I get enough out of my first generation watch at the moment without having to worry about GPS being built in or being waterproof. My Watch has to go into the store on Wednesday as the digital crown seal has failed...
  8. Ghosteh

    **** Apple Media Event - 'See you on the 7th' (7th September 2016) ****

    Assuming the new phone is priced the same, yes. You'll start on a new '20' month payment plan when then 7S+ comes out. If you don't, you'll just carry on paying for the final 8 months or what ever and pay off the 7+ completely. You're basically getting out a 0% APR Loan on the phone, and you...
  9. Ghosteh

    **** Apple Media Event - 'See you on the 7th' (7th September 2016) ****

    Yep, that's the one. It actually looks like a pretty good deal if you like upgrading every year. 0% APR, so it'll be the route I will go most likely. Just want to read the full T&C's first.
  10. Ghosteh

    RIP Gene Wilder :-(

    Well that's sad :(. RIP
  11. Ghosteh

    Ways to avoid jetlag on 9 hour flight?

    Depends, when I go to the states, I never get jet lag, so there is no issue. I only get jet lag when I fly back to the UK, and it's only an issue if I am due back in work as soon as I am home.
  12. Ghosteh

    The Long Dark - Survival Simulator **No zombies!**

    Still just survival. I've been playing it recently after not playing for a long time, but it's a shame they've still not go around to putting story mode in.
  13. Ghosteh

    45 million creds leak from popular .com forums

    Can use password manager software. I keep all my passwords in a vault that's synced across Dropbox. The Dropbox itself has a ridiculous password and 2FA. The password file itself is then secured using a 24 character password, which is less random, but still unique to me, and one I can remember...
  14. Ghosteh

    Why the Virtual-Reality Hype is About to Come Crashing Down

    There is no comparison to 3DTV with this. I have yet to show this to someone who hasn't been completely blown away. Whether or not they enjoyed it, they've been amazed. Only 1 person, my stepdad, did not enjoy it, because he got motion sickness/vertigo and felt awful. Everyone else however...
  15. Ghosteh

    Oculus Rift

    My quick play with the Rift tonight has made me glad I kept the order, even though I have the Vive. I find the optics better and overall more clear, even if the FoV isn't as big as the Vive. Ergonomics of the headset are fantastic, feels like there is pretty much nothing on your head. Tracking...
  16. Ghosteh

    Oculus Rift

    Had my dispatch notification just before, should be here Thursday now. Looking forward to it arriving. I love my Rift, just finding the space to use it effectively is tricky. So looking forward to having the webcam tracking option of the Rift over the base station approach for use at my desk...
  17. Ghosteh

    ****Official Doom 4 Thread****

    Liking this game more than I was expecting to. Not doing well at finding secrets mind you, or the collectables, but enjoying shooting the hell out of, well, hell. Not had a single crash so far, performance is outstanding on my 980 Ti
  18. Ghosteh

    Oculus Rift

    End of May to beginning of June for me. Not too fussed to be honest, glad I have the Vive to play with for now.
  19. Ghosteh

    HTC Vive

    Not got my Rift yet to compare it to, but I've not found it too bad. But I am more than used to having some heavy gear on my head/face from wearing motorbike helmets, and helmets and gas masks in the military, so in comparison, I find it fine, as I know it needs to be adjusted to me comfortable.
  20. Ghosteh

    HTC Vive

    The Lab and Audioshield are both fantastic, as well as Budget Cuts, that even though is only a demo, is massive fun. Job Simulator is fun too, but not quite sure it carries the price tag it does and I'm glad it came free with the Vive. Space Pirate Trainer is also good fun, good work out too...
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