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  1. bledd

    Burying Cat6 and running alongside power

    Run two of them!
  2. bledd

    POE Access Point Recommendation?

    Ubiquiti have been pretty solid, especially the AC-Lite, the new U6-Lite are awesome too, but about 20% more expensive.
  3. bledd

    Helpdesks/Service Desks - Likes and Dislikes

    Recently moved to Halo, it works well for us! Seems pretty customisable and there support on hand for help setting it up. They seem very responsive to suggestions and requests.
  4. bledd

    Please recommend: Vulnerability scanning and 3rd party software patch management for domain

    Currently we use PDQ Inventory & PDQ Deploy to cover most 3rd party patches, which is excellent. We're after another piece of software to scan for missing updates etc. Have been using LanGuard, but find it pretty lacking in terms of scanning. Any other recommendations? ~300 clients, 35 servers.
  5. bledd

    Dual screen, open windows moving when i open a game

    Just be aware, windowed mode doesn't always give the same performance as full screen. At home, I've ditched multimonitor, only use it in work now.
  6. bledd

    Sorry, another recommend switch thread

    How many ports do you need? Do you want any PoE ports? This is so you can provide data and power through one network cable to a device. IE for a wireless access point, CCTV camera, IP phone, amongst other devices.
  7. bledd

    Backup Software

    Used to use Macrium, now I only use Veeam.
  8. bledd

    Network Switch Speed drops after time

    Make sure there's only one cable between each switch and router. IE, don't connect multiple ports between the devices. This will create a network storm. Also, try replacing network cables. Could be a damaged one.
  9. bledd

    Dual screen, open windows moving when i open a game

    What resolutions do they run at? Are your games running on the same resolution?
  10. bledd

    Network Switch Speeds Affected By Powerlines?

    Powerline are notoriously poor for data transmission. I would do two things.. Replace the loft switch with a gigabit one. Run ethernet to extra rooms.
  11. bledd

    Internet's down

    I have a 4G dongle and an unused SIM (not registered), ready for the day that this happens.
  12. bledd

    Bad setup or bad hardware?

    I would ditch extenders and run cables to where you need WiFi, then use Ubiquiti access points. I'm not a fan of mesh.
  13. bledd

    Poppy Playtime - (mini horror puzzler, similar to Portal)

    Total playtime is probably 25-40 mins, but man this has one of the scariest chase scenes ever. Uses the Unreal engine, so it has familiar physics etc, has some Portal style tasks to progress through the level. £3.99 on Steam Chapter 1...
  14. bledd

    patch cables decreasing speed

    Buy Excel or Connnectix or Fusion cables. Not just some random eBay or Amazon cables.
  15. bledd

    Access point in studio

    What do you want in the studio ethernet connections or wireless only? Or both?
  16. bledd

    File Recovery Help!

    Recuva is the quick bet option, file could well be removed though.
  17. bledd

    Gran Turismo 7

    I only know it's broken from seeing a Youtube comment, then looking at a video and comparing the screen to mine, the tyres in the video I saw said 'D' next to them, mine were CH. Can only assume they'll fix it soon :)
  18. bledd

    Gran Turismo 7

    Jeep Night Safari mission is currently impossible to Gold in the 1.06 update. It puts CH (comfort hard) tyres on instead of Dirt. Wasted a lot of time before googling it!
  19. bledd

    Vince's Ebay Repair Thread - (Console Repairs & Mods)

    Haven't seen this thread before, all I can say is wow! Awesome job @Vince :)
  20. bledd

    Gran Turismo 7

    Yeah it's got that good feeling to it. Some of the newer games, they were basically throwing GTR at you on day 1 and you could just slam any race. In this, it's drip feeding you cars that should perform well but may need better tyres / upgrades :) Made this Mr Bean car and it does just...
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