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  1. Psyk

    windows 7 freezing

    Sounds like the same symptoms I'm having. For me it seems to be a particular hard disk that's causing the problem. I'll look into the RAM timings thing. But if that's the problem, why does it only happen on the one hard disk?
  2. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    Could be, but it didn't happen when I downloaded to a different disk. That could be coincidence though.
  3. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    How exactly do I check that?
  4. Psyk

    Man uses Lynx products for 7 years but fails to get a girlfriend

    Lynx could avoid the problem by secretly hiring a prostitute to sleep with him. I'm sure that will be much cheaper than £26k.
  5. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    I just tried a different torrent client (Vuze) and it still did it. I was guessing that it wasn't directly related to the actual program since applications really shouldn't be able to crash the system like that. That's why I figured it was a driver problem. Looks like it might be to do with the...
  6. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    Ok I found the right BIOS update and installed it. No luck, still does it.
  7. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    I can try a bios update, but I'm not 100% sure of what exact model my motherboard is. It's an Asus P5K, but I'm not exactly sure which type it is. All it says on the board is P5K.
  8. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    The thought did cross my mind :D Not that I am using it for illegal purposes of course.
  9. Psyk

    uTorrent freezes Windows 7

    I just did a fresh install of the retail Win 7 Home Premium x64. Previously I had the RC. Everything worked fine on that. But now when I leave uTorrent running, after a few minutes the PC will completely freeze. Mouse pointer doesn't move or anything. I have to do a hard reset. So I'm guessing...
  10. Psyk

    Lost Steam Account

    Happened to me. The hacker used it with a hacked cyber cafe account and got it banned. Not VAC banned, the whole account banned. Couldn't even play single player games. I lost everything and never got it back. They also banned me from the forums for asking what a cyber cafe account is.
  11. Psyk

    If Microsoft would make a handheld...

    Pretty soon indie developers will be able to develop games for the Zune and sell them via a Live Arcade style system.
  12. Psyk

    Does the Hyundai L72D support HDCP?

    I have this monitor and I'd like to use it with a PS3. I'd try it myself but I don't have access to my PS3 at the moment (it's at home, I'm at uni). Does anyone know if this monitor supports HDCP? If anyone has this monitor and a PS3 (or any other HDCP device I suppose) could they try it? It's...
  13. Psyk

    Final Fantasy's

    The earlier ones are quite a bit shorter. Last time I played FFI it only took about 12 hours. For FFV your choices are the PS version bundled with FFIV or the GBA version. Not sure if the GBA version has any extra stuff, but the PS version has some FMVs. Not that they're anything particularly...
  14. Psyk

    FARCRY 2 --- Officially , official of official threads! ---

    I always thought FarCry 2 would be a poor imitation of Crysis, given the history behind the making of the games. But I read the review of FarCry 2 in PC Gamer and it sounds amazing. Let's face it, Crysis is just an exceptionally pretty FPS with some cool powers. Not really anything particularly...
  15. Psyk

    That douche keeps beating you at Halo? Don't worry about it.

    At this point in my life, Halo skills are probably more useful.
  16. Psyk

    FarCry2 ships with Securom DRM

    What is the point of DRM? Well, it's to prevent piracy. However, once the game has been cracked, which normally doesn't take long, then how will it lower piracy from that point on? I know it's especially important to protect their games in the first few weeks of release, which perhaps DRM does...
  17. Psyk

    EA - 99.8% of gamers dont care about DRM

    To be fair, pirates would say the same thing. DRM doesn't really affect pirates if they are willing to wait a few weeks or so for someone to crack it. This might not be a complete lie. 99.8% of gamers probably only rarely play PC games, so they won't care about DRM.
  18. Psyk

    That douche keeps beating you at Halo? Don't worry about it.

    This is the best news I've ever heard. I have a friend who is annoyingly good at Halo. And he's good at tennis.
  19. Psyk

    Steam Account Disabled

    Something like this happened to me. Apparently my account was used in conjunction with a cybercafe Steam account that was known to be a stolen one. Obviously I had nothing to do with this and my account had been hijacked. But they didn't believe me because the hijacker didn't change my password...
  20. Psyk

    Nintendo Wii is now becoming very expensive..!!

    I agree the Wii is overpriced, considering that the 360 pro or whatever it's called now is a significantly more powerful machine with more features, is cheaper. I'd quite like to buy another* Wii, but at £180 + the cost of another Wiimote, I can't really justify it. * There's a Wii in my house...
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