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    Unraid vs TrueNAS

    Been running UnRAID for years now. Easily saturate gigabit reads and writes with the right settings. 3x14TB, 1x10TB currently from 4x10TB. Lots of options and very configurable.
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    Samsung ssd on it way out

    Try a secure erase and try again... Read speed and IOPS are fine so I don't think its quite dead yet... Can do it via a USB stick flashed by Samsung Magician (See data management --> Secure Erase) Alternatively via Linux...
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    Windows 11 - Negative Offset issue with CPU overclock

    Quick google suggests that Microsoft is now using AVX extensions to accelerate parts of windows and hence now the AVX offset will be active permanently. The AVX offset was there to allow for higher base frequencies/overclocks on non-AVX code which is ‘easier’ to run. I’ve always run a zero...
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    Asus X99 WS - Being re-used as TrueNAS Server, power usage

    Seems like a lot although X58/X79/X99 did always have very high idle power usage. My E3-1230V3, X10SLL-F, 16G, 8x 4TB (although now 4x10/14TB), 2x2.5" + 2xSSDs + Quad NIC + 660W Platinum PSU idled at 35-40W (30-35 without the NIC) when the disks were spun down, or 55-60W otherwise.
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    TOOB 900dwn/900up router

    Currently running a HP T620, apparently capable of just about doing 1G up and down and the fact it uses 50-60% CPU on my 550/75 FTTP connection makes sense. Fitted with a quad port NIC, idles at<10W averages about 14W. for £80 + a NIC seems pretty capable!
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    Keeping screens awake on lockscreen

    Set turn screen off to a long period, turn screensavers on and then require password after screensaver to immediately. Screens stay on for me?
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    ** The pfSense Users Thread **

    Used to run pfsense, but when I re-did the VM for a new Quad port NIC I moved over to Opnsense due to Netgate’s shenanigans. I had it running on a dedicated core + HT on my UnRAID server but since I’ve moved to a HP T620 Plus, uses about 15-19W depending on what I’m doing. Maxes out 500/70...
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    My Chinese flatmate left me their Apple iMac but it's not working

    It’s new enough to have internet recovery actually.. during boot, hold down “Command + Option + R” key button. Should have the option for internet recovery. You should be able to wipe the disk and reinstall OSX without making a USB stick!
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    My Chinese flatmate left me their Apple iMac but it's not working You need to download Big Sur on to a USB stick and then hold down alt to boot from it. Plenty of guides out there to make a bootable USB stick. He wouldn’t have taken the hard disk out of it because it’s too hard!
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    Wd red efax v efrx write speed

    12GB free is basically nothing and the slow speeds could easily be the result of fragmentation of free space (no continuous blocks available ). Benchmarking full drives is irrelevant... Defrag them both and see what happens at the very least.
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    Delete old OSX install from HDD in old iMac

    Easiest way would just to wipe it in Disk Utility. Although if its sometimes switching to the internal disk it means the external drive wasn't ready/available to the EFI at boot time and hence you might just end up with a flashing question mark instead and hence won't actually solve the issue...
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    Crucial 32gb (2x16gb) cl16 3600 BL2K16G36C16U4B - Single Rank

    Tried upping VCCIO/VCCSA or whatever the equivalent AMD ones are? I suspect it isn’t the memory at fault here. My sticks at 4000C16 ran through 24+ hours of various mem tests but would reboot when put to sleep and misbehave when restarting. Upping memory controller and associated voltages...
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    Crucial 32gb (2x16gb) cl16 3600 BL2K16G36C16U4B - Single Rank

    I very, very much doubt it'll be dual rank. Mid 2020 they started coming as single rank. Not noticed any temperature issues with mine, although I'm at 4000, C16-18-18-38, 1.35V!
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    10tb WD Elements contains a WD100EZAZ-11TDBA0, but what is it?

    Google “WD100EZAZ” - lots of information available as it’s a commonly shucked I have four EMAZ’s which are helium filled 7200rpm enterprise drives with firmware performance limitations. I think the EZAZ are the same except air filled.
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    Incorrect A-XMP timings

    I'd suggest BL2K16G36C16U4B. 3600Mhz, C16 and overclocks well (at-least my kit does!)
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    You could, but given there are 32GB kits for less you'd be silly to do so to be honest. You could then sell your kit making it even cheaper... Also given they were manufactured at different times you may end up with compatibility issues. So I still recommend finding a 4x8GB or even a 4x16GB...
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    Not up on memory things!- help with replacement/upgrades?

    No swapping to Ryzen would involve new motherboard and CPU. It would however be much faster, but currently there is a worldwide shortage so you may end up paying over the odds. I would suggest you find yourself a 3200Mhz 64GB (2x32GB) kit, which you could use in a Ryzen setup if you so wished.
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    Are you getting mixed up between memory channels and memory slots? X99 supports the use of Quad-Channel memory. You can use as many slots as you like in theory but should in an ideal world use all 8. I would suggest you find yourself a 4x8GB or even a 4x16GB kit. E.g. CMK32GX4M4C3000C15...
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    Crucial 32gb (2x16gb) cl16 3600 BL2K16G36C16U4B - Single Rank

    Follow this guide and see my timings on the previous pages. OC
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    Crucial 32gb (2x16gb) cl16 3600 BL2K16G36C16U4B - Single Rank

    As I understand it Dual rank increases bandwidth because each rank can be independently accessed, thus at equal speeds and timings the Dual Ranks perform better. However, because there are now more ranks the IMC has to work harder, there might be more electrical interference, etc, the amount...
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