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  1. Efour

    Where's Jean-F??

    Well he was in Paris catching a flight to New York, it was Tuesday march 1984. He has been shagging this catwalk model but had to get back to his other girlfriend before dinnertime, then straight back to London to party with Duran Duran and David Bowie.
  2. Efour

    The OcUK Men of Honour 2020 and 2021

    Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Congratulations/commiserations
  3. Efour

    Alien Civilisations like us extremely rare?

    I'm reading the three body problem right now. Seems relevant :p
  4. Efour

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    I watched ep 2 and 3 and I don't hate it. 2 was alot better than 3 but it was ok... Pikes good, very kirkish. Feels good. It still can fail hard if it starts persuing a crappy Dr storyline that is more personal drama than spaceships. .if it gets the balance right it'll be fine. If it gets...
  5. Efour

    Replacement for Sandisk sport mp3 player

    Only 2 hours... You know you can recharge the batteries right.?
  6. Efour

    Pandemic 2.0?

    We should have a pre clap surely?
  7. Efour

    Self Checkouts - Supermarkets

    oops lol. Seriously my english is getting worse every month, shame my Swedish isnt getting better at the same rate.
  8. Efour

    Self Checkouts - Supermarkets

    ive asked an employee why i always seem to be getting checked and she said things like buying multiple of the same thing, liked tinned tomatoes or adding then removing items also triggers algorithms. I always get stopped when im in a hurry so that must factor in too :p ive had a check when i...
  9. Efour

    Wireless video doorbell recommendations

    Eufy doorbell user for 2 years and it's ok. Very badly integrated with Google home, which it claims to be. Way too slow to be a usable security system. No way of linking alerts to Google home devices. The API? Software to run it is released now for every one but as yet nothing I know of has...
  10. Efour

    Pandemic 2.0?

    I drank pg tips as a kid am I doomed ?
  11. Efour

    Australian Election - Labor win

    Exports 100m dollars worth of coal this year, cries about climate change. Isn't Australia like the 3rd or 4th biggest coal exporter on the planet? Every country with a free democracy is going to flip after COVID. People have had enough.
  12. Efour

    She Hulk (Marvel TV Series)

    ok cool i can 100% skip this one then.
  13. Efour

    London tube attack.

    Time for judge dredd style enforcers in mega city London.
  14. Efour

    New forum suggestion...?

    I agree. The stuff gets lost in a few places.
  15. Efour

    Abortion, Roe v. Wade

    Stuff like this just reminds me what a fractured country the USA actually is... I'm pretty much pro choice. Why that's gets demonized is beyond me..... If the mother/ father if applicable, can cope with their decision then ok.
  16. Efour

    This Instant And Moment - 2022!

    Oh wow lol . I woke up from a strange dream, I was back in London at a pub and was walking out of the bathroom and I finally found my jacket.... Reoccurring theme to these strange pub dreams.... Something associated with teenage clubbing days?,,, Anyway this time there was a blinding flash...
  17. Efour

    Dune (2020) - Denis Villeneuve

    Is it gonna be some kind of Italian mobster themed empiral court? I struggle to see past his voice, it's ludicrously him, his voice is him.
  18. Efour

    She Hulk (Marvel TV Series)

    Hilarious blend of femanism and patriarchal nonsense with a green Ali McBeal. (Sp) An endless stream of man jokes, 30 something jokes, PMS and smashing things. I'm sure it will be terrible but 5/5 rated
  19. Efour

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Shock as real refugee people do real normal everyday things rather than sit in a corner constantly thanking them. My town is flooded with Ukrainian's. If I go to Lidl all i hear is "Russian" , bad English and lots of Google translate apps out. Everyone seems outwardly civil and most are...
  20. Efour

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Everyone has links to Russian money... Politics is politics. When labour win next election I hope they get raked over too.
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