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  1. mmj_uk

    TV looks smashed/cracked, but no external damage?

    I don't know much about that model specifically but as I understand it some QLED's have a thin film "glare filter" over the screen which might explain why the outer surface looks impeccable. If that's the case (you'll have to research) it might work in your favour when arguing the screen wasn't...
  2. mmj_uk

    Sorry........ebay thread...

    They could have just sent an empty box to some random address in your area to get a tracking link? either way it sounds dodgy coming from China when it was supposed to be UK based. Wouldn't you have been liable for import duty if they had sent an expensive item from China?
  3. mmj_uk

    The RTX Related Games, Benchmarks, Software, Etc Thread.

    Where's the Far Cry 6 PC texture team when you need them? :p
  4. mmj_uk

    Greenlizard0 PL & Championship Football Thread ** spoilers ** [15th - 18th October 2021]

    I think it's because there's a bit of a stereotype that they have a really passionate fanbase, can't really see how they're any more passionate than most other clubs fans though.
  5. mmj_uk

    Tory MP Sir David Amess murdered

    Importing their generally violent culture has enriched the UK though, anyone who says otherwise is a racist. Not all Somali's are bad people of course but a more tightly controlled immigration system is all most (racist of course) people want.
  6. mmj_uk

    UN sees sense

    When is he being prosecuted for putting discharged COVID patients into care homes without being tested first? he probably has a higher kill ratio than all of the unvaxxed combined.
  7. mmj_uk

    Are you British or English, Scotish, Welsh or Nothern Irish

    Anglo-Dutch would be more accurate, I know the UK is usually included as being a part of (continental) Europe but as Israel often is it shows what a farce that is and technically it's the British Isles in the North Atlantic.
  8. mmj_uk

    Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion, domestic terrorists?

    No it's not it's about making your objections known and more importantly rallying enough people to your cause to produce change Democratically. We can't have situations where a few idiots blocking key roads and damaging the economy are effectively holding guns to the heads of government. What if...
  9. mmj_uk

    Increasing incompetence in humans

    You have to remember that most young adults today have been brought up on social media so best case their spacial awareness probably isn't that great and on top of that they simply can't put their phones down long enough to be able to cross a road safely.
  10. mmj_uk

    Have people become too soft?

    Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times. <<< you are here.
  11. mmj_uk

    Far Cry 6 GPU performance not bad at all but is severely bottlenecked by CPU

    Has there been a comparison between console high res textures and the PC's high res texture pack? someone mentioned that the console ones are half the size so are they a lot worse?
  12. mmj_uk

    Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras

    CCTV cameras generally point downwards towards the ground at a point of entry and don't record audio, I think the point being made here is you should be able to sit/sunbathe in your own garden without a neighbours device recording your actions and conversation. People have a right to privacy...
  13. mmj_uk

    **** Please enable 2FA on your OcUK forum account ****

    Why the push for 2FA if there has been no security breach? securing an email address is basic internet that most people have managed for 20+ years. What with the COVID passports will people be able to do anything in the future without a mobile phone? hey guys link everything to your mobile...
  14. mmj_uk

    The increasing incompetence of companies

    If the EU is to blame I'd say it's more because UK companies have had a huge surplus of workers to fill positions with, they could afford to treat employees (even Eastern Europeans) poorly and pay peanuts knowing that they can be easily replaced and as a result employees are unhappy and you have...
  15. mmj_uk

    Nvidia recognises 10gb isn't enough - RTX3080 gets a VRAM upgrade

    The compression looks a lot worse in the NVidia though so not sure it's a fair comparison, if you can find a similar situation in the same video that will take the video compression factor out of it and would be a lot more scientific.
  16. mmj_uk

    Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion, domestic terrorists?

    Is half a dozen people deliberately blocking busy roads day after day disrupting thousands of people in their daily lives not extreme? a degree of tolerance to me would be if you had a large popular protest spilling out onto roads and even then I'm sure they would have the common decency to make...
  17. mmj_uk

    Death Stranding - who is still undecided and not purchased yet?

    It's one of those games that's a bit of a novelty but you'll never it play again as the only reason you completed in the first place was to finish the story, the gameplay itself is just massive grind to progress the story.
  18. mmj_uk

    Far Cry 6 GPU performance not bad at all but is severely bottlenecked by CPU

    Yeah but then you wouldn't be forced to use the high res texture pack which is conveniently too big for most NVidia hardware and something like twice the size of the console high res texture pack? did they use bitmaps? :p
  19. mmj_uk

    Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones

    They should call the data sending analytics and censorship protecting children, works for western corporations.
  20. mmj_uk

    Side step (away from OLED), or upgrade even?

    I don't know about LG but Panasonic OLED does a panel maintenance every 1000hrs or so, I'm presuming that's to even out the wear.
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