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  1. VaderDSL

    Holidays 2022

    My Aunt went back to Jersey from Manchester a few weeks back, Monday mid morning flight, think it took her about 2.5-3 hours to get through to the gate. one would hope that situation has improved dramatically by Sept. exit : although doesn’t seem to have improved yet...
  2. VaderDSL

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Just got back from driving to Pembroke, one of the roads had that top surface dressing. My crossclimate 2 were absolutely chock full of small stones in the treads :D had to spend about 30 minutes removing them all (lest they came out at high speed on the motorway and caused cracks/chips to...
  3. VaderDSL

    Zen Internet (Price for Life)

    Not that there was any doubt, but the cancel on the land line went through. I do like being able to do it all via e-mail, makes things so much easier. It hasn't affected the broadband contract, just an FYI.
  4. VaderDSL

    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    Cheers! I can imagine, poor guy who did ours was his first day on his own installing it, took him over an hour to get a successful fit that day.
  5. VaderDSL

    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    When did they switch back to CSP? When we had FTTP a few years back they got rid of CSP and ours is just a connectorised install.
  6. VaderDSL

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Or sure if the U.S have officially adopted the new rifle, M5? Aren't the Americans in the process of replacing the M4 for some of their service? Not sure if it is a done deal, but weren't they looking to go to a 6.8mm calibre in a new series of rifles? The XM5 and XM240? Perfect opportunity to...
  7. VaderDSL

    Zen Internet (Price for Life)

    Can't speak to that side of the service, but whenever I've needed something changing or looking into with Zen, I've been able to fire off an e-mail and they tend to action it within a few days. No need for me to call up or speak to anyone, which I find refreshing :)
  8. VaderDSL

    Zen Internet (Price for Life)

    FTTP :) I'm assuming it won't count as a change of contract as they are offered separately, we had a landline before FTTP and were on FTTC with them a few years back then switched over to FTTP when it was available.
  9. VaderDSL

    Zen Internet (Price for Life)

    I'm looking to cancel my landline but keep the broadband this week. I'll have to ask them if cancelling the landline will affect the broadband side, I suspect not, but I'll try and remember to update this thread with the outcome.
  10. VaderDSL

    *** The Car Cleaning Thread ***

    I love ONR or Meguiars D114 when I'm lazy and want a quick clean of the car and don't want to faff with the pressure washer etc. Plus it's frugal on the water.
  11. VaderDSL

    What was I supposed to do? Might have gone through a red light

    Turning right, yellow box, room to be fully in front of the white line, green light = enter the box and wait. Personally if there are already multiple (2-3) cars waiting in the yellow box and not a full car length after the solid white line I always wait, especially if it would mean blocking the...
  12. VaderDSL


    Yeah, the ones where you have the first 4 letters but then it could be any number of words are annoying.
  13. VaderDSL


    Pretty impressive/destructive drone footage
  14. VaderDSL

    Zen Outpricing Itself with FTTP?

    BT 500 is £45.99 and Zen is £49.99 The lower speed packages are overpriced, and if you don’t need a static IP I’d just go with whatever is cheapest.
  15. VaderDSL

    Mac OS Terminal Help Required

    Possibly some new security feature? Let me jump on my mac mini and see if I can use that window to SSH into my pi and I'll report back. Edit : Just checked, if you just enter the IP in the box at the bottom it doesn't work, you have to add the server as follows : Edit 2 : Obviously your...
  16. VaderDSL

    Anyone got Magic Keyboard with TouchID

    I don't think it does after reading : This Apple Support Article
  17. VaderDSL

    What is fundamentally flawed on your car?

    Not technically a car I own, but the new Fiesta Mk8 facelift has gone up in price, no longer comes with alloys on the base or second tier trim, it’s now steel wheels only, they removed the electrically heated and folding door mirrors, removed the higher tune engines, the 155 and removed the 3...
  18. VaderDSL

    Applecare +

    I think they do it for watches as well.
  19. VaderDSL

    Going from 2x8 to 4x8, any issues with this?

    The memory controller is on the CPU nowadays, assuming you're using one of the generation of ryzens. It could struggle to run the higher memory speeds with all 4 banks filled. It might be fine, it might need tweaking sadly.
  20. VaderDSL

    Fake reviews to be illegal under new rules

    We just need project farm to review every product ever made and we'll be sorted :D
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