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  1. rich99million

    Q6600 to i5

    Excellent thread - I have been out of the PC game for a few years and had come to the conclusion over the last week or so I pretty much needed to start fresh (which I can no way afford at the moment) so refreshing to see I'm in good company with a Q6600 and looking at going the 970 route also :)...
  2. rich99million

    new skynet challenge

    There should be a load more timing out in the next 24hrs from people who left at the end of the competition without running their queues down first. My last pogs WU validated this morning after timing out on the other person who'd had it. I'm definitely up for more of the same in Jan...
  3. rich99million

    new skynet challenge

    Managed to borrow another 4 cores - hopefully they last till the end of the challenge :|
  4. rich99million

    new skynet challenge

    Thanks for the download - dusted off my old media box, nothing special but every little helps :D Now to run away before I get hooked on the Foldy-crack again :p Thanks to Andy for the heads-up!
  5. rich99million

    Look - twins!

    Impressive work good sir!!! I am merely a quarter of the way to your combined total :eek:
  6. rich99million

    Parp to sleepy Senture

    Well ok so it's been a few weeks since you produced anything but figured it'd be rude not to give you a blast on my way past and see if anything stirs. You have 5 days :)
  7. rich99million

    I'm home

    Welcome back Stan - glad to hear you're making the most of the relatively cooler weather :)
  8. rich99million

    Getting rid of a GTX260

    I have an offcut of some brand new carpet you could wrap it in - would be nice and cushioned then too :D
  9. rich99million

    What's going on with [email protected]?

    So far so good - production is keeping up and the card is much quieter due to the proper cooling solution :)
  10. rich99million

    What's going on with [email protected]?

    Good luck in the new job - hope you can get some crunching going once things have settled :) Personally my output is suffering badly due to a duff card I think (and as I type the GPU fan spinning down probably means another failure - grrrr) looks like my 8800GT might need a kicking. Luckily I...
  11. rich99million

    Making a run for the top spot

    Simply nuts and awesome to boot - enjoy your ascent old chap :)
  12. rich99million

    Bigadv adventures

    hehe - not bad!!! Afraid my crunching has taken a bit of a dive anyway. My GPU doesn't want to complete anything at the moment so I've been forced to switch it to the not-on position. Hoping it just doesn't like the PSU or something as I never used to have the issue when it was in my quad...
  13. rich99million

    Bigadv adventures

    Glad you got it sorted - even if it does mean I have to move a cell in the wrong direction for a bit :p
  14. rich99million

    Bigadv adventures

    Woah what just happened? My rearview had you down as just under a month behind me and it's jumped to just over a week and a half - bleedin new-fangled massive WUs :p :D Looks like a short excursion outside the top 30 is on the cards for me then - until I catch up with Milky^ in a month or so -...
  15. rich99million

    Latest tiffy

    Simply awesome Stan!!! :eek: I like it! :D
  16. rich99million

    Parp Parp Messrs Millions and Grimes

    Ahhh well glad I could at least give you a moving target even if it was a relatively snails-pace one :p Onwards and upwards good man :cool:
  17. rich99million

    IT'S ALIVE! :eek:

    Thanks - feels good to be back and actually putting out some WUs again :cool: Had a bit of a rocky time getting started again, not sure if it was the drivers or the fact I installed them with AV running which I'd forgotten can supposedly cause issues. So far so good the GPU has just finished...
  18. rich99million

    Parp to Rich99million

    hmm so that's why I'm still up and now have a lovely trip-wire across the living room :D will at least see if I can twitch a bit before you stomp me :o
  19. rich99million

    Parp to Rich99million

    Nicely parped there good sir! :) Indeed I am back - just got my ADSL sorted last night and hoping to get some GPU-cruncherage on the go shortly :cool:
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