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  1. woodsy2k

    I've got (yet) another new camera

    :O Free?! Ahh man! Well, what ever it was that you did to net that for free, well played sir!
  2. woodsy2k

    I've got (yet) another new camera

    Standard? Well, I am assuming standard as it only cost me £73 delivered :D
  3. woodsy2k

    I've got (yet) another new camera

    Good work chief! Looks nicer than my FM2n, and in better condition as well. May I ask how much it cost you?
  4. woodsy2k

    A Few Lake District Landscapes

    In the OP, the first and third shots are awsome imho. Really well taken.
  5. woodsy2k

    longish Macro capable lens for D40?

    Yep, the Siggy 150mm is awsome. That said, If you did want closer to 200mm, then you might consider the Sigma 180mm f/3.5? Costs a hell of a lot, but is closer to your focal length requirement. As for its suitability for telephoto work, you'd have to ask someone that has it already. :)
  6. woodsy2k

    Upgrade thoughts, D50 to D200

    That's the thing. Your shots wont get better using a better camera. Not that I'm talking about your shots, as I have never seen them :D As said though, basically everything about the camera gets better. If you need to upgrade, then do. If not, perhaps spend the money on better glass if you are...
  7. woodsy2k

    Postie's been

  8. woodsy2k


    test Awsome
  9. woodsy2k

    Welcome back cyKey

    Ha! :D WB matey :)
  10. woodsy2k

    New lens! Yay

    ZOMG, you turned down at 100-400 for £350?! /dies
  11. woodsy2k

    Dedicated photography forum?

    lol! Yep, TPF gets my vote as well. :D
  12. woodsy2k

    Post Your Home Cine & HiFi Kit...

    RRP was about £4,200 at the time, I paid £3,280 :D
  13. woodsy2k

    Price check please! :)

    Ahh appologies, Forgot it was there! :$ I'll repost in there. Please delete this one :)
  14. woodsy2k

    Price check please! :)

    Please delete.
  15. woodsy2k

    Post Your Home Cine & HiFi Kit...

    My room at home... Pioneer VSX-D2011 2X B&W603 S3 4X B&W601 S3 1X B&W LCR60 S3 Pioneer DV-565 Marantz CD5400 REL Q-150E MK-II Dell 2600 26" HD LCD QED Silver Anniversary Bi-Wire (front's) QED Micro single (Rears) QED Quintex Scart (DVD - TV) Chord Opticord (CD - AMP) Preciouse Metals Biwire...
  16. woodsy2k

    High Definition On TV From PC

  17. woodsy2k

    Macro on the cheap. Which way?

    Imo I would say extension tubes might be the best option with cost in mind. Also they have no actual optics within them, they simply increase the distance of the lens to the CCD. This doesn't change the focusing abilities of the lens itself, it simply means that the image spot is brought into...
  18. woodsy2k

    High Definition On TV From PC

    What you should be able to do is choose a custom res to output from the pc end. If once connected, right click on the desktop and then properties. Go settings > advanced and then choose the tab at the top that quotes what graphics card you have. As it's an nvidia it makes life easier. Then in...
  19. woodsy2k

    High Definition On TV From PC

    If the TV has either a VGA or DVI input, and your graphics card has two video outputs (which I'm pretty sure it does...) it would be easiest to run the tv straight from the graphics card with nothing between. This can be done simply be setting up the tv and your normal monitor in a dual monitor...
  20. woodsy2k

    To the gurus of surround sound

    What you could do, is if you find a good enough amp, then you might be able to set the rear center channels as a second zone and use those on a seperate input on the amp with the pc attached to that input. That's what I plan on doing next year with my pioneer vsx-d2011. So to claify, I'll set...
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