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  1. krooton

    This Johnny Depp Stuff

    Trailer guy is a legend
  2. krooton

    Holidays 2022

    Norwegian Fjords cruise in a month's time, wife's never done one so super excited as it was my favourite cruise itinerary, and the weather will be better than when I went.
  3. krooton

    Cost of Living Crisis

    Weird accents and even worse weather? No thanks, I'll stay South xD
  4. krooton

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    I'm really enjoying it, still loads of crazy things happening, but it kinda makes sense given the framing of this season.
  5. krooton

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Waiting on the last episode of The Flight Attendant S2, need to see how this is all going to wrap up!
  6. krooton

    Cost of Living Crisis

    On the rent thing, I tried to see if I could look up some of my old London haunts over the years. These are all either in the same buildings, or at least on the same road. Surrey Quays double bedroom in shared flat: 2003: £400 all inc 2022: £650 all inc Isle of Dogs double bedroom in shared...
  7. krooton

    London tube attack.

    Wouldn't surprise me if the whole cost of living thing is ramping up crime in general.
  8. krooton

    Items you own that have followed you through life

    Just my diary from the ages 18-21 (I read it once a year to remind myself how far I have come), and a memento photo album thing that my best friends made for me when I moved from SA to the UK.
  9. krooton

    Ageism should we tolerate it?

    We're actually doing most of our shopping at Iceland and Lidl now (bar the odd thing that can only be had at Tesco or Waitrose), and are saving a notable amount. £120 weekly at Tesco is more around £80 when we go to those 2, even factoring in Clubcard discounts.
  10. krooton

    Netflix Sci-Fi Anthology - Love, Death & Robots

    I enjoyed all of that, apart from Jibaro, but can still appreciate the artistic attempt. Animation was superb, and that was Joe Manginello (sp) modelled in the cthulhu one in sure.
  11. krooton

    Self Checkouts - Supermarkets

    Man humans really ARE stupid then! If you have a budget, and you are using a device that literally shows you how close you are to your budget, and you STILL over-spend, then there is no hope for you. :D
  12. krooton

    She Hulk (Marvel TV Series)

    Haha, the butt-hurt is real. Also, She-Hulk has always been a lawyer, it is comic canon. Curse those woke 70s!
  13. krooton

    Working From Home - the latest Tory deflection campaign

    Same, I had no issues picking up the odd out-of-hours email (our head office is in Miami) when I was WFH, but now that I am having to commute in again? Now you only get my clocked hours, not a second more.
  14. krooton

    She Hulk (Marvel TV Series)

    People from non-target-demographic getting knickers in a twist... checks out! :D I had very low expectations when I first heard about this, and the trailer actually looks way better than what I had envisioned, and given I have enjoyed all the MCU Tv shows to some degree, I will give this a go...
  15. krooton

    2022 QD-OLED thread

    Haha, I'm broke, and already have a 65" (albeit LED), only really looking for a 42-48" OLED for the bedroom.
  16. krooton

    2022 QD-OLED thread

    Employee discount :D
  17. krooton

    Self Checkouts - Supermarkets

    Scan as you shop is one of the greatest human achievements of recent years imo :D
  18. krooton

    2022 QD-OLED thread

    83" A90J is £3,990 65" A95K is £2,450 65" A90J is £2,310 Refurb 65" AG9 is £1,150
  19. krooton

    2022 QD-OLED thread

    It would appear I was sold a dream, the discounts aren't quite what I had hoped for. The options for a bedroom OLED are a new KE48A9BU for £981 (£1,174 in other places at the mo), or a refurbished one (12 month warranty) for £647. But then the LG OLED48A16LA can be had for £600 at RicherSounds...
  20. krooton

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    Bet it could have been done with the £37billion they wasted on track and trace...
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