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  1. famas

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    I've tried long fermentations in the past but found any thing over 24 hours starts to taste a bit to sour for me, no benefit to long proves other than taste for pizza dough. I'm currently doing quick proves (30-60mins) and If I want a bit more flavour I just add a scoop of sourdough starter...
  2. famas

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    I've been using McDougalls extra fine 00 flour for a while now and get nice results. You should get a softer dough by using a finer grain flour so I'd stick with a 00 for pizza. The McDougalls flour has a lower protein content compared to strong bread flours at around 10% opposed to 12% for the...
  3. famas

    Garden shed for bike

    I was in the same situation and spent ages looking for a suitable sized bike shed for my small garden. In the end I went with the LifeTime 60170 It's a decent size, can fit 2 possibly 3 adult bikes in and also has the option of shelving. I saw similar Keter sheds but thought the LifeTime looked...
  4. famas

    Anyone else here got Reynaud's? How do you keep your hands warm?

    I suffer from it and it really does suck at this time of year, though I occasionally get bouts of it in the summer months too. I'm always cold from head to toe, no one believes how cold I make out I am until they touch my hands and are shocked, hand shakes with new people are always met with...
  5. famas

    Need opinions

    Rather than dark black like the forks, grey/black the same colour as the frame maybe look better?
  6. famas

    Need opinions

    does look a bit weird in silver now. black or red would possibly suite better? like said, good quality tank grips can really change how the bike looks too.
  7. famas

    R6 or R1

    I understand why people say this but don't entirely agree. On the road no one is going to get any where close to the potential of a 600cc sports bike (legally) so a 1000cc is even more of a waste, however I think the higher low down torque of a 1000cc is much more usable on road. I think twins...
  8. famas

    R6 or R1

    Definitely have a test ride of both. I loved my 08 R6 but it doesn't make any real power until very high in the rev range. Coming from the mt-10 you may be disappointed with the complete lack of low down torque from the R6, It will be a completely different riding style, however get it into the...
  9. famas

    GTFO discussion thread

    Played a few hours of this yesterday for the first time in about a year and have to say its massively improved, really enjoying it. Almost completed a level solo but got destroyed at the end, didn't realise you could customise the bots which would have helped massively. Great atmosphere and...
  10. famas

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yeah you're probably right but I have zero history on the bike. Mid clean I notice it's either had a very slow speed down or drop on the right hand side, the exhaust and engine casing has taken most of the brunt. The fairing around the indicator is all broken up too so I'm keeping an eye out on...
  11. famas

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Been bikeless for the past 2 years and recently acquired this winter project, CB1300SA. It's been sitting in storage unused for 3 years so needs some tlc. Gave it a clean at the weekend, needs a full service, new exhaust and a right hand fairing panel, plus a few other bits. Not my normal...
  12. famas

    Fly Tipping in a council house
  13. famas

    Tinnitus who suffers from it

    As well as regular tinnitus (constant high pitched whine) I also suffer from pulsatile tinnitus, which on bad days is infuriating. Fortunately I can zone out of both of them fairly well with background distraction noise during the day but on bad days, often much worse at night the sound can...
  14. famas

    1080p gaming pc with monitor

    Head over to the "new to pc gaming & upgrade advice" under the hardware sub forum, you will find lots of useful info there. A mod will likely move this thread there.
  15. famas

    Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

    Same. I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking to set up an account but haven't heard any thing since. My monthly DD are still going out to Avro/Octopus.
  16. famas

    Spec me some hairclippers

    Been meaning to start the same thread. I've gone through a few sets of cheaper clippers which are all on their way out (Wahl, Phillips, Babyliss) and now want to invest in a professional set. I've looked into the Walh super taper and balding clippers both of which get good reviews. Note I'm...
  17. famas

    Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

    Same for me. I assumed the money would show on my Octopus account once the switch eventually finalised (still waiting to hear), or have I got this completely wrong and need to cancel my Avro DD?
  18. famas

    Cordless Vacuum cleaners (any good?)

    We have a Dyson v6 animal which I picked up cheap as a refurbish. Having a toddler and a kitten it gets used daily and I have to say I couldn't do with out it now. However Imo you still need a good corded vacuum too. We also have a Miele c3 cat and dog and it blows any corded vacuum I've used...
  19. famas

    Tig welders - best cheapest

    Head over to the MIG welding forums, those guys will sort you out.
  20. famas

    Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

    I thought I heard there was a law coming in to stop this? My current deal with Shell is also coming to an end. Doing a quick comparison it seems my costs will go up around £30 a month for a fixed tariff (Sussex) British gas being one of the cheapest as long as you have a smart meter installed...
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