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  1. Phil W

    Alloy wheel repairs

    I'm biased towards Powdercoating Shropshire (he's my old man) however @Gibbo can vouch for them too. Lots of pot hole repairs now over the next few months, also can weld repair cracks too.
  2. Phil W

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Any m135i owners in here? Looking at one of these to potentially replace my Megane F1. Obviously need to get out and drive one! Dont know a huge amount about them or what options to look for or make sure should be absolutely spec'd? Anything to avoid? Would ideally like an auto - are these...
  3. Phil W

    Why can't I tax a car online?

    Happened to me once, are you within a month of MOT being due? /Edit - doesn't seem so! Odd.
  4. Phil W

    Motors YouTube Videos

    Their last episode featured some bits powder coated at my dad's place, didn't know that was happening until after filming! Always enjoyable to watch these guys!
  5. Phil W

    Hyundai I30 N performance

    Have been keeping track of these with a keen eye on the pricing. New are what, listed at £27k? Ive seen 2018 models hit £19k now, most 19 plates seem to float around £21-£23k. Would like them to hit mid-teens before I seriously consider getting into one.
  6. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    Personal preference with salt. I stick with 3% generally.
  7. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    Download the app PizzApp, aim for a 210-230ish gram weight. Alternatively the packet mixes that you add water to from supermarkets make a pretty good 'home made' pizza. Just make sure you give enough time at room temp for the dough to rise so when you stretch it you get the air in the crust.
  8. Phil W

    Roof boxes

    Got ours from Go Outdoors when it was on offer. £120ish springs to mind but it was the biggest one they do. Lidl currently have a similar one in which looks just as good.
  9. Phil W

    hot hatches 6k

    6-7k would get you into a pretty immaculate, low mileage R26 F1 Megane. Could probably squeeze into a 250 for that money but it won't be as tidy as the R26.
  10. Phil W

    Recommended me a nice restaurant in Liverpool please

    Lot to choose from in Liverpool. Bem Brazil is very nice (various meats brought to you and cut/served at your table). Sapporo Teppinyaki is a novel night out too, food cooked Infront of you, quite theatrical chefs.
  11. Phil W

    Gin recommendations?

    Had some JJ Whitley Violet given to us by my mum last week, very nice!
  12. Phil W

    Show Us Your Motors!

  13. Phil W

    How to go about DIY restoring heavily corroded alloy wheels?

    Without wanting to sound rude, what are you actually looking for advice with? YouTube is plentiful with refurbishment videos. Corrosion looks like your biggest issue, to get the paint flush and/or seamless the exposed alloy is going to be a challenge. If you are really serious about doing them...
  14. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    Homebase had the Pro at £350 a few weeks ago. Quite happy with my 3 and the pellets. There's guys on Facebook that sell conversion bits to get the 3 to wood fired so there are options out there other than pellets.
  15. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    Probably too much in the way of topping I would think? I've discovered less is more when it comes to that. Too much sauce/cheese/toppings and the dough just burns.
  16. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    I use the Ooni recipe and when I have less time I'll use packet mix from a supermarket (75p packet makes one 240g ish dough ball) which have equally given good results. If it is too sticky you need to reduce the hydration levels or use more flour/semolina to prevent it sticking. Have/do you...
  17. Phil W

    Gin recommendations?

    Our collection/shelf: Frequently changing but some of our favourites: Brockmans Tanqeray No. 10 Whitley Neil Quince
  18. Phil W

    Cooking Neapolitan Pizzas with the Uuni 3

    So I'll be honest, I've become a little bit obsessed with Pizza and we've used the Uuni 3 almost every weekend since purchase. Really get a buzz from improving every time, and the family love the pizza too! Tonight was more of an effort to make something to cook on - I've been using my BBQ as...
  19. Phil W

    Post Your Daily Encounter Pics Here

    It's a test mule. Taped up in various places to disguise it. Apparently it was unveiled last week?
  20. Phil W

    Post Your Daily Encounter Pics Here

    Bentley flying something or other :D
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