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  1. siztenboots

    Steering wheel vibration :(

    how much runout is there , ( jack up each corner and spin the wheel looking for an oval profile ) also try swapping them over left - right
  2. siztenboots

    Don't laugh, decent budget tyres??

    another shout for the Kumho ku31's , seem to work well on a light car ( 850kg ). All kumhos are distributed by Micheldever tyres in the UK , so check their price first as a guide.
  3. siztenboots

    Do National Tyres have lazer alignment machines?

    sometimes it is by shuffling spacer washers on the top wishbone mounts fore or aft , some have fitted castor adjustment plates
  4. siztenboots

    Is Torque Overrated ?

    yes thats very true , the cascades show the true sprinting ability
  5. siztenboots

    Is Torque Overrated ?

    its the torque at the wheels that is most important as the actual measurement rather than made up flywheel figures , the gear box acts as a torque multiplier. if you had the same gearbox on a diesel and petrol you would really notice the difference :cool:
  6. siztenboots

    My VX220 Supercharger Conversion

    6800rpm rev limit , is this because of rod bolts ? just wondering what sort of mph range you get with 3rd gear on that , on the turbo 6800 tops out at 103mph
  7. siztenboots

    It's that time again :-( ST220 owners!

    Kumho Ku31's
  8. siztenboots

    Went round Brands yesterday.

    doesn't slide as much through paddock or round clearways, basically >100mph it is effective. needs to be lower and I want to brace it more on to the subframe
  9. siztenboots

    Went round Brands yesterday.

    Was there on Friday with Lotus on Track with new diffuser Good track the indy circuit
  10. siztenboots

    Problem with my gf's Fiesta , any idea?

    check ends of vacuum pipes for splits and air leaks on the air inlet is this always from cold ( ie. on choke ), or also when engine hot ? might be bad water temperature sensor , or stuck stat
  11. siztenboots

    Focus TDCi issues

    is it in limp home mode ?
  12. siztenboots

    Anyone here got the new (Current shape) Mondeo?

    Have you got one arm shorter than the other ? But I know what you mean, have a 53 plate TDCI and don't think its as comfy as my 99 ST24 was
  13. siztenboots

    Car Maintanance?

    bleed the brakes, ideally flush out with new fluid check pad thickness and condition of disks check suspension , steering and bushes for play or wear
  14. siztenboots

    Back end keeps running away!
  15. siztenboots

    FAO: Those who know about dynos...

    Yes, they have got something wrong on the power calculation. There are several standards for corrected dyno horse power, SAE , DIN , but you should always get the cross point at 5252 on the same scales
  16. siztenboots

    Lotus Eagle revealed

    Bit of Barry Manilow thing going on at the front
  17. siztenboots

    What to do to get a track car?

    You need bring valid driving license bring your own helmet you will recoup the cost after a couple of TD, the hire ones are old and smelly a car which is in good road going condition , no leaking fluids, no loose objects. Tax and MOT if using public roads, trailer it otherwise working...
  18. siztenboots

    Bike stolen weybridge surrey

    Will keep an eye out, do you think they followed the bike home previously, or just some chancers ?
  19. siztenboots

    Le Mans - huge crash yesterday!

    Rear lock up under braking, he initially steers in to it, but the back comes round
  20. siztenboots

    TDCi Mondeo lumpy idle... eek!

    re: injectors problems and Ford admitting it, not true, mine is a Dec 2003 reg, and only managed to do 27,500 with all the problems I have had with the fuel system. Only just had some major work done in December last year to fix it again, and after just a couple of 1000 during winter, bang...
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