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  1. martynpd

    Odd Z690 Alderlake issue. Narrowed it down to CPU or Motherboard

    Sorry I forgot to mention I have 3 moniors, a 4k 144hz, 1440p 180hz and 1080 144hz All three turn off when the graphics card disconnects from the Bus. Just so happens when I connect them to the igpu they do not turn off.
  2. martynpd

    Odd Z690 Alderlake issue. Narrowed it down to CPU or Motherboard

    Hello, bit of a stange one, I dont think I've ever asked for help on here ever. But its probably the strangest hardware issue i've had to date. been happening for the last couple of months while gaming. On occasion all of my monitors losing display, and the graphics cards fans are spinning up...
  3. martynpd

    £1200 for an rx6800xt?!

    Are you referring to Gerald Ratner :D
  4. martynpd

    Looking to go Wireless for gaming (MOUSE)

    Just a heads up, in the overclockers clearance section they have wireless model o's black and white for £64.90 Also the wired O's and Ds for £29.90, glossy, matte, white, black
  5. martynpd

    todays price hike on 30 series stuff? This one nearly made me spit out my tea. hats off to you if you got one early. sad times to be a gamer without a good gpu
  6. martynpd

    The thread which sometimes talks about RDNA2

    they didn't share raytracing performance though, so we will have to see on that one. 6800xt seems very good value for money. it'll be interesting to see if nvidia poop out a 3080TI in response, the problem is they've already set the highbar with the 3090 so there isn't a lot of room between the...
  7. martynpd

    Good Thermal Pastes?

    I see... you've never iced a cake before. :D For some reason I always use a piece of cardboard and spread it out even though i know deep down I dont actually need to do it.
  8. martynpd

    RTX 3090 - Will I void my warranty if I replace retail cooler with a Waterblock?

    This is very good advice, I did this with my 2080TI when there were complaints about the memory chips failing in case it needed to be recalled. I knew nvidia wouldn't like me removing the cooler off. Yeah it's a pain having to redo your loop twice, but for the peace of mind is worth running it...
  9. martynpd

    I got my 3080 and I fitted a waterblock to it and overclocked it

    Hello, is there any chance you can run a 3dmark time spy at stock please with the waterblock on. It'll be interesting to see if it gains more frames due to the card not downclocking because of heat. my 2080ti gained a lot more performance putting it on water just because of the downclocking.\...
  10. martynpd

    Any BeQuiet! 900 Pro Rev.2 owners out there? Inverted Question.

    I am in the same boat as you, I also have a 600c and need more space. I tried to squeeze a full loop in it with two rads but it's just too small.
  11. martynpd

    Another case spec me a cheap case thread

    Hello, i'm looking for a cheap Mini ITX case to go with my DQ77KB Slim mini itx board, it needs to be within 50cmx50cmx9.5cm so it can slide under my chest of draws in my hallway. i've seen one on chinese express however $17 shipping. It's to build a server to host 3 linux vm's to control all...
  12. martynpd

    AMD Vega II Pre-Orders When ?

    i'M buying a radeon VII just for the division 2 exclusive graphics features.... :rolleyes:
  13. martynpd

    Nvidia Titan Maxwell GPU screws.

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could obtain the 4 screws that hold the heat sink to the GPU. I've contacted gigabyte and they said they don't supply screws. It's the 4 that have the large spring that tighten the heatsink to the GPU core I'm after. Any help or a point in the...
  14. martynpd

    2080ti cards failing ?

    One of the reasons why I haven't put my waterblock on yet, Im not 100% clear on Nvidias policy for taking the card apart if that invalidates the warranty or not.
  15. martynpd

    Time Spy Extreme DX 12 Bench.

    Timespy extreme 8700k 5ghz 3400mhz corsair vengeance Graphics 7101 cpu 4159 combined 2080ti FE GPU clock 2010 memory 7750 driver 416.34
  16. martynpd

    Intel to launch 6 core Coffee Lake-S CPUs & Z370 chipset 5 October 2017

    So i just got a dispatch note from Overclockers for 8700k so they are shipping retails It actually caught me with my pants down as I have no motherboard or Waterblock as I was expecting to get it at the end of the month
  17. martynpd

    Silly question about PRIME B350M-A

    Basically I recommended to a friend getting a ryzen 5 1600 with this very cheap motherboard PRIME B350M-A I then realised hes coming from a q6600 setup and the PSU he has only as a 4 pin CPU instead of an 8pin The motherboard manual says that they recommend a 8pin but under that it says dont...
  18. martynpd

    ** The AMD VEGA Thread **

    This time it will be different I Swear!;)
  19. martynpd

    Watercooling help required :(

    That's exactly what it was! The block was full of crap, I cleaned it and reassembled and now the flow rate is fine. Thanks for all the help guys.
  20. martynpd

    Watercooling help required :(

    I flushed every component before using them
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