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  1. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    Ok so just reading Bungie's weekly update they are now offering TTK digital download for $40. But then they want $20 for a few shaders and some exotics???
  2. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    I knew it was going to happen! That's RNGesus for you.
  3. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    Been playing since launch, still no Gally :( In fact most of my exotics i've bought from Xur!
  4. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    Anyone down for some raids this week? The other half is away for a week so i want to get in as many as i can :D
  5. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    I should be online from about 5 today if anyone wants to IB? I also need to do Nightfall and 32 PoE. Hell wouldn't even mind a raid if there is enough of us around? :P GT - brocksta85.
  6. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    Anyone noticed it looks like they patched the Wolves public chest glitch? Had plenty of time but after re-entering the zone the chest sat there but i couldn't get anything from it.
  7. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    I can fill the Crota spot!
  8. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    Anyone around at the moment to do PoE 32? Gt - brocksta85
  9. brocksta

    *** Destiny Raid & PvP discussion thread ***

    i should be available!
  10. brocksta

    So I went for a walk today.....

    Great joke but i bet i wont remember it.
  11. brocksta

    How to kill this?

    Dragonflys are awesome! Im in Australia at the moment. Walking around the Botanical Gardens in Sydney these were EVERYWHERE. Their webs are huge! Golden Orb Weaver:
  12. brocksta

    Travelling the World

    Think i can give some good advice for this as i am going in two days :D Usually people go traveling straight after Uni but it is possible to do it later like i have. I finished Uni, got a job in London and worked there for 3 years. Worked my ass off, got plenty of experience and saved...
  13. brocksta

    Santa Claus flash mob?

    Indeed. My flatmate is going to it.
  14. brocksta

    Skiing Season!

    Off to Hakuba, Japan in January for the season :D 3 months of epic pow cant wait! Then off to work in Oz for a while and hopefully ill spend some time riding in New Zealand depending on money. If not then hopefully Whistler next year.
  15. brocksta

    New season means new board! :)

    I second this. Mines about three seasons old now and still love it. Also got a forum substance for the park but haven't had much use of it yet. I prefer the hatchet - such a great board which you can use for everything. Skate banana were basically the first to bring out rocker i think. If you...
  16. brocksta

    Sking/Snowboarding 09/10

    I'm off to Morzine on 17th January with my bro. Can't wait!! Looking forward to properly testing out my Forum jib board. Mr. Stu im so jealous of you. Whistler looks awesome. I'm contemplating doing a season next year.
  17. brocksta

    Samsung or Vertex SSd's (3 of them @ 120/8gb)

    Agreed. OCZ forum is an excellent source for info. I've been working with SSD's at work and i did a lot of reading before choosing the Vertex. Personally from the reviews i found it was rated the highest. Only current drawback is the loss of data when flashing drive to latest firmware...
  18. brocksta

    Final Year Dissertation / Project *Pics*

    I'm liking the fancy binding. I wouldn't mind doing that to mine. Does anywhere online do that? E.g you send them the .doc and they print and bind it for you. I got a 1st on my dissertation back when i did it so i wouldn't mind having that to show it off :P
  19. brocksta

    What are your thoughts on vnc?

    We have VNC on all client machines and servers at our place, but we generally use RDP for the servers as it's a bit quicker, and we can also track who's messing about with servers like me :P
  20. brocksta

    Laptops on Domain

    We use a script which disabled computer accounts if not logged in over a certain amount of days. We also name all machines as the users surname and first initial so we are able to identify which people have left and consequently removed computer objects. Our asset management isn't great at the...
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