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  1. tonys

    Gigabyte 3080 fault, rma fears, upgraded thermal pads first month

    May have been just a bad connection
  2. tonys

    17,000kwh per year?? Nutty parents!

    Just looked at my estimated usage for the year and it's 7,700kw. That's all electric, in a partly insulated, extended 1930's semi detached with 2 adult's.
  3. tonys

    Windows 10 for a new pc

    Install but don't activate, you just can't personalise it.
  4. tonys

    Best low profile CPU cooling ?

    Sorry, cryorig c7
  5. tonys

    Best low profile CPU cooling ?

    Have had that cooler (in black) in a node202 for 3yrs on a 3800 with no problem. Just put a 5600xt in and again no problem
  6. tonys

    Air Source Heat Pump Renewable Heating?

    The immersion on our system is only used about once a week to heat the tank to make sure there is no legionnaires bacteria.
  7. tonys

    What was your first PC spec?

    Commodore Vic 20
  8. tonys

    New parts advice

    What are your temperatures when playing? I would be inclined to check the whole system as you didn't put it together. It may have dust, a bad connection, motherboard bios option not correct, driver issues or thermal paste that isn't doing it's job. Have a look at things like that and a clean...
  9. tonys

    Electrically powered central heating?

    It's the same type of unit a/c use so are you against them aswell?
  10. tonys

    New build won't boot windows or Ubuntu

    You won't get a signal from the motherboard hdmi as the cpu doesn't have graphics. Have you checked the cpu for bent pins or thermal paste on the pins? I know that some gpu's need a firmware update or a setting in the bios to get the card to show anything, just can't remember what is was.
  11. tonys

    Electrically powered central heating?

    Install was done by Renewable Tech Ltd, but you may have one local to you. They needed to know our gas usage for the previous year to set up the RHI payments, as you are doing a new build, it may be they assume how much you will be using. I don't know what form of system you would be...
  12. tonys

    Electrically powered central heating?

    I did not say it cost the same to install, but at the minute with the rebate it is cheaper to run. I get £100 a month back so my running cost last month was £158 instead of £258. The rebate is every month so if you look at a summer bill of £77 I'm not actually paying for the energy. The fact was...
  13. tonys

    Electrically powered central heating?

    It is working out OK. If people decide to install it you just have to be aware of the limitations of the system. At the minute we leave it on 19°c all the time as we are at home most of the time, the house does stay at that temperature during the day with some boosting depending on the...
  14. tonys


    I have 2 node 202's, 1 is in a unit under the TV. It uses the AMD cooler so does rev up and down slightly but isn't to loud. The other is used as a games machine with a 3800x, aftermarket cooler and Gtx 1080, so is a little bit louder. Both are Gigabyte boards(450 and 570). Temperature wise...
  15. tonys


    Fractal node 202 case is the one I got for under the TV. Able to fit most full sized cards just check the length.
  16. tonys

    Power to USB ports when PC is OFF...need to turn this ON.

    Could you try it in another header?
  17. tonys

    Installing new SSD/windows

    No problem
  18. tonys

    Installing new SSD/windows

    I think most people will advise clean install. Download the windows of your choice, make a USB bootable drive. Disconnect the hdd and connect the ssd, install, then reconnect the hdd and transfer any files off the hdd you need.
  19. tonys

    Hard Drive for TV?

    I just have an m2 drive in a USB enclosure, think it is a sata drive. Just use anything you have spare if you are only going to use it occasionally.
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