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  1. Psypher5

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    I ordered on the latest drop, was going for a 3060ti but they had gone instantly, so got a 3070 instead. Was due Monday but it just arrived! Should be a nice step up, had a 970gtx but gave it to a relative who's GPU broke before Christmas, so been on integrated gfx over the holiday which wasn't...
  2. Psypher5

    Whats your favourite keyboard?

    i adore my logitech k810, its just so simple and sleek looking. Unfortunately the up key doesn't work due to a spillage, and all these mech rgb bricks don't really peak my fancy for an upgrade. I used to love my old Logitech diNovo Edge, but it was very faffy with its dongle connection.
  3. Psypher5

    White headphones for my kids build

    I recently got a set of edifier v4 in white, they seem pretty good so far (usb, 7.1, mic, vibration [has to go pretty loud to get it feel the rumble though])
  4. Psypher5

    Lifetime ban for British Fortnite cheat

    Remember when cheat codes were built into games and provided that extra bit of "fun" for the player... also, a "lifetime" ban is laughable and impossible to enforce... what a world we live in.
  5. Psypher5


    gonna be carpeting a house soon, great thread! Didn't know squat about underlay etc, so really helpful! Echo from Participant though, is the info still good?
  6. Psypher5

    Geforce Now

    yeah it was at the end of Jan, hopefully hear something soon :)
  7. Psypher5

    Geforce Now

    Got an email saying my place is secure... Juyst got a cheap lonovo yogabook so will be nice to see this working (same as shield TV i spose). I have Virgin 200mb so it should be a dream! Also, 5G internet will solve most of the problems you lot are going on about.
  8. Psypher5

    All my Gaming accounts hacked - Steam - Origin - Uplay :(

    start using 2 factor auth.
  9. Psypher5

    New essential Android apps thread

    truecaller :)
  10. Psypher5

    New essential Android apps thread

    hm, that is a tad annoying. To be fair my stock lock screen is pretty damn minimal as it is, so I don't think I need another. (Infact, i hate having a lockscreen, stupid fingerprint security needing a pattern.)
  11. Psypher5

    New essential Android apps thread

    MS have two lockscreen apps from garage, picturesque and another. Bit spooky, but I installed them both earlier today to give...
  12. Psypher5

    New essential Android apps thread

    been using arrow launcher since it first came out, absolutely love it :)
  13. Psypher5

    is it possible to buy a laptop for £400 ish / cpu based only/ssd not important/thin

    what kind of work? Just documents and stuff? I'm looking for similar, and have been considering a chromebook (asus c302 flip with a backlit keyboard) Mainly as I only need youtube/internet/bit of doc editing, and then rdp onto my main machine, or steam in home streaming to play games.
  14. Psypher5

    not sure what i'm looking for, help please!

    I'm looking for a device so I can be downstairs and play games from my steam library without hiding away in my man cave. I've found that I can pretty much get access to my steam inhouse streaming via any device, be it android (moonlight app), linux (or again moonlight) on a chromebook, or...
  15. Psypher5

    ***The Vapers Lounge*** 3.0

    vandyvapes new pulse bf box mod is kind of tempting for trying squonking, any thoughts? I should probably just learn to use my archon first. that mad dog looks nice in blue (my archon is blue so id like to match, ish.. might just go black and get a skin). One thing that narks me is everyone...
  16. Psypher5

    ***The Vapers Lounge*** 3.0

    im thinking of going from a nautilus 2 to a kylin RTA. Being new to making coils etc, wondering where is a decent online shop to get some pre made coils aswell as cotton n wire? Also, any tips for an rda/rta? I have an archon aspire, so what do you guys suggest? (I'm liking the look of the...
  17. Psypher5

    (PS4:2017) Everybody's Golf

    at a guess, psypher5. I dont have ps+ (i'll get it soon) and I hardly get time to ever play, buhhhh. but sure, add me :D
  18. Psypher5

    (PS4:2017) Everybody's Golf

    got a ps3 for everybodys golf, so thought I better get this, had a voucher for argos too so only £20, woop. Now to find the time to play it!
  19. Psypher5

    I want an addictive game for my S8

    verrrry pretty game!
  20. Psypher5

    Sonic Mania

    uwot :x
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