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  1. Ekim

    Nerdl - Numeric Version of Wordl (NO SPOILERS OR HINTS)

    Just tried it, I got it in 4. Interesting concept, but don't think I'd bother playing again. Part of the fun of Wordle, for me, is trying to get a really low score. With Nerdle it's unrealistic you'd ever get it in one or two.
  2. Ekim

    Smart light switches....that look like normal light switches?

    I don't have any, but I think this is what you are after:
  3. Ekim

    **** Please enable 2FA on your OcUK forum account ****

    I've had it enabled for a while. Is there a way to stop it logging you out every 30 days to ask for a new code?
  4. Ekim

    Derek Chauvin murder trial (Police officer who arrested George Floyd)

    I was surprised he was guilty of murder, however reading the definition it doesn't seem unreasonable. The elements of the crime of Murder in the Second Degree while committing a felony are: ‘ First Element: The death of George Floyd must be proven. Second Element: The Defendant caused the...
  5. Ekim

    Clinical Trials

    I did a clinical trial in my last term of university when I was working on my dissertation. I actually did it with Parexcel at Northwick Hospital it would have been just a couple of months after the incident in the link above. I can't remember all of the ins and outs, but I was in for the best...
  6. Ekim

    All RAM sticks only recognised after clearing CMOS and not on subsequent boots

    Yeah, probably. They are all running fine together at 2000Mhz. The performance difference will be minimal so happy just to leave it like that for now. Won't try and mix and match in the future and just buy kits for what I want/need to rule out any of this. Yeah everything worked fine in dual...
  7. Ekim

    All RAM sticks only recognised after clearing CMOS and not on subsequent boots

    The sticks aren't from a kit so they may well not be a perfect match. The build dates are week 12 of 2016 and week 49 of 2017 so a fair amount of time between them. You can see the details of the RAM here in the BIOS:
  8. Ekim

    All RAM sticks only recognised after clearing CMOS and not on subsequent boots

    *EDIT* Making some progress. If I change the RAM frequency to be 2000Mhz all of the RAM is recognised. Would like to see if I can get it all recognized at the right frequency though. *EDIT* Got a weird issue. I have an unRaid server which had 16GB RAM and wanted to upgrade to 32GB. I bought...
  9. Ekim

    Splitting a large bathroom to make third bedroom

    We'd be splitting the bedroom to have a small bedroom and small bathroom (Roughly 4m squared each 2.3m x 1.7m) . The current bathroom would be converted to be a double bedroom.
  10. Ekim

    Splitting a large bathroom to make third bedroom

    Thanks for all of the replies. I think we have pretty much shelved the idea of splitting the bathroom now! We'd love to get the loft converted but the going rate around here is £36k at the lowest - we haven't had any cheaper quotes than that. If we could get someone to come around and do it...
  11. Ekim

    Splitting a large bathroom to make third bedroom

    Yeah, would have a window fitted for sure, that is the reason we are considering putting if there vs splitting the middle bedroom and having a windowless bedroom.
  12. Ekim

    Splitting a large bathroom to make third bedroom

    Thanks for the replies. Definitely got me thinking. Other houses in the area have done it, which got us to thinking about doing it. You can see an example of it done here: I might explore the option of doing a more simple...
  13. Ekim

    Splitting a large bathroom to make third bedroom

    I currently live in a two bedroom victorian terrace and have been here for around four years. We love the house, but are getting to the point where we really need a third bedroom. We had thought originally we might convert the loft to get a third bedroom, but the costs involved are putting us...
  14. Ekim

    Change PS2 to component output

    Sorry for bring this thread back to life after 9 years, but it just popped up on Reddit.
  15. Ekim

    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Got a call from retentions today. Got 350Mb down broadband only for £36 a month.
  16. Ekim

    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Just phoned up to do the cancellation dance with them. On 200Mb was paying around £32 and then £35 since January. They offered £38 for 200Mb or £42 for 350Mb. Asked to cancel and managed to do it without masses of back and forth. Just will wait for the follow up call from them to hopefully get...
  17. Ekim

    Winston Churchill was never prime minster

    I don't think anyone is denying Winston Churchill was ever Prime Minister - or planning to. This article seems like clickbait to me.
  18. Ekim

    Impact of WFH trends on housing market

    I've thought about this a lot. We bought a few years ago in Wallington which is a small town in Greater London between Croydon and Sutton. We certainly paid a premium for the property we are in given its proximity to London. Long term I think we will still be working in London but our...
  19. Ekim

    Fireman Sams been Fired!!

    What's the harm of having both a male and female character? I'm not saying to axe Sam, just bring in Penny the female character from the show.
  20. Ekim

    Reputable web design agencies?

    For that sort of budget you are better off finding a CMS you are happy with and getting an off the shelf theme you can customise.
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