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  1. deadeyedic30

    Pro Evo 6

    I saw i a magazine there is a 2gb file to mod this game and make it the dogs danglies. Is that so and where is a good place to get it as I don't have a good pick and play game like this.
  2. deadeyedic30

    Latest guide For Firefox

    Anyone got guides to making firefox and No scripts addon safer ?
  3. deadeyedic30

    ATI spec check please

    I'm curious to compare the previous generation of of ATI/AMD GPU's, the 1900 basically and am looking for them but can't find. Can you help please. :confused:
  4. deadeyedic30

    Adding Intel to my collection.

    Getting following new bits, Q6600 G0 stepping, Gigabyte P35 DS3R, 2x Geil ultra low latency ram total of 4x1Gb sticks and Akasa Eclipse case. I don't go in for dual graphics cards. Is this lot ok, don't really want to go above £100 on mobo for extras i won't use.
  5. deadeyedic30

    Need help with new computer

    Did you do a fresh install of windows when you upgraded?
  6. deadeyedic30

    Q6600 - THe importance of a case side fan

    Has anyone got a spec sheet for the B3 and G0 to compare them from that side of things?
  7. deadeyedic30

    How are the rest of you combating the non existent pc game scene atm?

    I'm in hospital 4 weeks now, trying to shake off an infection and have finished my 8th round of chemo. ordered a c2q6600 energy efficient cpu, gigabyte p35 ds3r, 2gb geil pc6400 and an akasa eclipse 62. Retail therapy, if only i could get online with my laptop instead of the SE W950i.
  8. deadeyedic30

    Gunship2000 like game...

    The enemy engaged series has tonnes of graphics update and extra campaigns as the devs released the source code online when they went belly up. Look over at sim hq for more info.
  9. deadeyedic30

    ATI 7.6 CP not CCC

    Does anyone know if there are 7.6 Control Panel version ratherthan the Catalyst Control Centre based drivers ? If so where ?
  10. deadeyedic30

    Spec a P35 board for around £150

    Personally I would go for the Gigabyte GA_P35_DS3R, I don't intend on running two graphics cards. But original quest was a mobo for £150
  11. deadeyedic30

    Spec a P35 board for around £150 Gigabyte GA_P35_DQ6 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard £150.39 inc VAT
  12. deadeyedic30

    Opteron 185 - worthwhile upgrade?

    I have an Opteron 185 on my Epox 9NPA+SLI. At stock speed, no complaints here and I paid twice the price you are quoting.
  13. deadeyedic30

    nForce 590 SLI

    Your title is a chipset not a motherboard.
  14. deadeyedic30

    I bust my mobo again -_-

    Get someone to look at it as you obviously don't know what you are doing if you kill a pc a year.
  15. deadeyedic30

    No Post

    Remove the memory and reinsert it. If that don't work you could strip the pc down to ram cpu and graphics and see if it posts.
  16. deadeyedic30

    Socket 939 MOBO Question!!

    Your board is probablythe best 939 crossfire board there was. Did you here back if the 2900 was faulty or not ? As for your original question I don't see why not assuming your psu is up to the task.
  17. deadeyedic30

    939 FX-53 to Intel E6600

    There shouldn't be a problem. The heat pipes are there to draw the heat from the mobo chipsets so board orientation won't be a problem.
  18. deadeyedic30

    Going Crazy! Asus Striker

    Detailed spec list of you components including PSU.
  19. deadeyedic30

    Whats your laptop spec

    Mines: Rock Pegasus 665 C2D T5600 @ 1.83Ghz 2Gb ram Geforce Go 7600 80Gb hard drive WXGA (1280 x 800) X-Glass 8x +/- Dual Layer DVD Writer
  20. deadeyedic30

    Corsair 520w PSU

    Does he have it connected up correctly ?
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