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  1. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    True, you need to do the world quests to get xp and progress to the next adventure lvl.There is a big But, if you do this, you will be missing out on a huge part of the game that gives you rewards, for completing hidden quests, killing mini bosses on the map and collecting artifacts.Press "n" in...
  2. eola

    Good egg boiler

    Fresh eggs>saucepan>timer....perfect egss every time!!! Not so fresh eggs >saucepan>timer possible broken eggs. x2 large fresh eggs, 3min 45 secs spot on egss.
  3. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    It is full of english speaking people, i agree about them normally ruining on line games. Been on the RU server for months and it has been no problem.Zero gold selling spam, i have seen no botting at all.I like you get a limited amount of energy to harvest/craft every day.
  4. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    You can always jump on the RU servers after beta ends, They give you so many things to help you to ilvl1300 to get you to taste all the t3 content.Lots of english talk in chat to help you along!! All you need is a vpn, do not use nord it wont support RU.
  5. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    Having a couple of alt's will certainly help to speed getting you gear level thats for sure.After all it is an "mmo" style game and the inevitable grinding is there.You really don't have to spend hours on end grinding. End game in t3 if you really want to min max then you will need to spend in...
  6. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    The only thing LA has in common with d3 is the top down view.You can play all of the content including end game raids for free without spending a single penny.If you want to flex and get the maximum item level then sure you can spend real cash. Remember this game has been out for 3 years, it is...
  7. eola

    United States Grand Prix 2021, Austin - Race 17

    Nice drive max!!
  8. eola

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    The chess board fight at the end of rohendal quest line is spectacular.Some amazing cut sceens as well!!!
  9. eola

    Quitting smoking tonight

    Best of luck, i gave up 20/30 a day roll ups, for a 25 year habit :( First thing you need to ask your self, do you really want to quit? If the answer is yes then you are home and dry, sure it really is going to suck at times, but remember you dont wantt to do this **** any more!!! I have the...
  10. eola

    PDC World Darts Championships 2021 *SPOILERS*

    A day late, i saw this news yesterday,RIP Kyle, you certainly had some talent with the arrows, loved your 9 darters!!!
  11. eola

    Beans on toast in a cafe, how much is reasonable to pay?

    Cainer thats proper prices for a good brekfast, ok im getting old now.We used to work in london doing roofing, £3.00 would get you a full english, 2 bacon 2 eggs sausage mushrooms tomatoes,toast and tea or cofffee + refills. We won't even think about working there now, parking will set you back...
  12. eola

    Beans on toast in a cafe, how much is reasonable to pay?

    Only on a pc related forum can we have 2 threads on baked beans :) Branston beans on an uncut loaf with butter, £2.95. Heinz on kingsmill and no thanks.
  13. eola

    E10 Petrol: Anyone concerned?

    Sorry if it has already been posted, any one with classic bikes or cars.
  14. eola

    It's too hot :(

    Stunning !!!
  15. eola

    UEFA Euro 2020 Final Italy v England ** spoilers ** [Sunday 11th July 2021]

    Lets look at the stats, 55 years and 1 final.....premier leauge, players getting sold for 10's of millions.would you bet its comming home? Remember every dog has it's day......come on england it's coming home for once lol :)
  16. eola

    UEFA Euro 2020 Group D ** spoilers ** (England, Croatia, Scotland, C.Republic)

    couple of goals and we are talking winning the euros lmao, guys get a grip when was the last time england won any thing....i rest my case!!!!
  17. eola

    UEFA Euro 2020 Group D ** spoilers ** (England, Croatia, Scotland, C.Republic)

    England look strong? are all the other teams 14 days isolating lol :)
  18. eola

    Who makes the best Baked Beans :)

    As rob said....branston, end of disscusion lol. Or really get posh sausages and beans.....branstons.....heinz makes decent soup, but not beans.
  19. eola

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Raw green tripe has to be the smell of the devil, but oh my word the dogs go absolutly crazy for the stuff >.<
  20. eola

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Another raw feeder here, it's the only thing to feed a dog imo.Even the very best kibble is no where near a good balanced raw diet for a dog.Not only for their health. coat and well being but they dont crap piles of stinky poo. As far as treats go, air dried liver or fish skins, but the ultimate...
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