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  1. Mikey1280

    Dual liquid cooling. Kits or Bits.

    Techically all you need are the extra blocks, but can anyone confirm that the 120.2 rad included will cope?
  2. Mikey1280

    England v Pakistan **spoilers**

    400 for England :)
  3. Mikey1280

    Radiation is good for you! (Horizon)

    We'll use buckets instead :)
  4. Mikey1280

    Anything need upgrading?

    I think the x550 will struggle personally
  5. Mikey1280

    Conroe retail stepping!!! Sucks

    ROFL. I think thats enough though guys
  6. Mikey1280

    [email protected] Weekly Team News - 13th July 2006

    Ahh I didnt know he was suspended, that could explain it
  7. Mikey1280

    [email protected] Weekly Team News - 13th July 2006

    Same here :( althought the holiday part is good :) EDIT: Has Matblack left? He had the folding bug and has seemed to have disappeared :confused:
  8. Mikey1280

    England v Pakistan **spoilers**

    Read got 150 not out in the England A match, beat that Geraint ;)
  9. Mikey1280

    [email protected] Weekly Team News - 13th July 2006

    Thanks for the news as always rich, we are steadily making our way to 50,000ppd :)
  10. Mikey1280

    England v Pakistan **spoilers**

    Wonderful stuff, just got back and saw the score :) , hopefully we can push onto 500+ tomorrow.
  11. Mikey1280

    Big hole in case

  12. Mikey1280

    England v Pakistan **spoilers**

    60-1, poor shot from Tressy :(
  13. Mikey1280

    Wireless home setup

    I wouldnt buy anything just yet. Try the other wifi adaptor in your pc and see if the connection still drops when playing games. What speed is the network running at and what is the signal strength, it might be that you're too far away from the router?
  14. Mikey1280

    Is it possible to have 2 raid 0 arrays?

    What controller(s) do you have, just the nforce 4 one?
  15. Mikey1280

    100% CPU usage when copying files

    Sounds like one of the drives is stuck in PIO mode, check the controller properties in the device manager
  16. Mikey1280

    Wireless home setup

    Which USB adaptor does your pc have?
  17. Mikey1280

    CoolerMaster Stacker 830 V P180

    Dont work for me :confused:
  18. Mikey1280

    Following on from my UBER joke!

    I'm pretty sure this was posted the day after the final, disappointing Oracle :(
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