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  1. NZXT30

    Console Converts

    It might belong in the PC games section but that would also be a stretch. You wouldn't go to the console section and ask them if they're switching to PC as you would get reported and your thread locked. Anyway, if you want to talk about value then PC gaming wins there too with the Steam Deck.
  2. NZXT30

    Console Converts

    No sure what this thread is doing here it belongs in the dead Console Games & Hardware. Consoles peaked with the PS2 era (still the most sold console ever) and they've been fading into irrelevancy ever since then. I hope those who claim that they're not interested in the 40xx series really...
  3. NZXT30

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    He is probably trolling you.
  4. NZXT30

    NVIDIA 4000 Series

    Nah mining is done and it will never be a factor again.
  5. NZXT30

    OcUK RX6*50XT series review thread

    Well then they need to sort out their pricing outside of the US.
  6. NZXT30

    OcUK RX6*50XT series review thread

    I checked a few of these and the prices are completely off. 3060ti same price as 6700xt, 3070ti £40 cheaper than the 6700xt and the 3080 is £20 cheaper than the 6800XT. We've had some bad marketing in the past but this is embarrassing from AMD.
  7. NZXT30

    OcUK RX6*50XT series review thread

    I thought AMD was the champion of the common PC gamer. What happened?
  8. NZXT30

    Fidelity Super Resolution 2.0

    Can DLSS now die please? I want to be free to choose my GPU based solely on performance/price and not "exclusive" features.
  9. NZXT30

    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    Do you really need it right now? Prices are dropping every week. Giving money to scalpers should be avoided at all costs.
  10. NZXT30

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Is this the guide you followed?
  11. NZXT30

    Square Enix is selling Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and its Western studios

    How on earth did they manage to lose all that while having the rights to the most profitable franchise in history?
  12. NZXT30

    casual multiplayer games for PC

    Fortnite is excellent with the no build mode.
  13. NZXT30

    Undervolting RTX 3000 series.

    Set mine 0.868 1870 and forgot about it not a single crash or problem.
  14. NZXT30

    NVIDIA 4000 Series

    I could buy OCUK every month but still won't pay 3090 prices :D
  15. NZXT30

    10GB vram enough for the 3080? Discuss..

    The only people that care about 3080FE's VRAM are those that didn't manage to grab one.
  16. NZXT30

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    The genie is out there is no going back. At least some of us get to play free games funded by whales.
  17. NZXT30

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    That's the state of the market no need to take cheap shots at Gibbo. Many of us appreciate the insights he provides.
  18. NZXT30

    Nvidia Ampere vs AMD RDNA2, Who Won The GPU Generation (So Far)?

    I'm going to give this round to AMD. They've done amazing closing the performance gap while consuming less power with more VRAM all in one gen. Their work on drivers is not bad either with FSR rapidly gaining adoption. All they need is to sort out their RT performance for next gen...
  19. NZXT30

    OcUK First to bring AMD RX 6900 XT SUB £1000 !!!

    FE has traditionally been priced higher than AIBs so I expect things back to that trend especially when you see the Nvidia pricing of the 3080ti and 3080 12GB.
  20. NZXT30

    OcUK First to bring AMD RX 6900 XT SUB £1000 !!!

    Not sure why you think FE will be a thing come next gen and if it is they will come pre-scalped by Nvidia.
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