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  1. Eledil

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    What is the card you're switching from?
  2. Eledil

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    At what time did they updated you on the picking stock step?
  3. Eledil

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    You're getting me worried as mine still awaits picking.
  4. Eledil

    People who got GPUs, how did you do it?

    Managed to grab 3070FE just now from the competition thanks to discord notifications and working from home. It looks like they just had a drop of 3060ti and 3070.
  5. Eledil

    2600x to 3600 - is it worth it?

    Thanks, will definitely check this out. I'm not going to upgrade anything till I secure the GPU. I'm kinda forced to buy GPU+CPU+mobo+ram together as my old setup will go to my wife. Still not sure if I will need new PSU(I have OCZ500MSXP (for 1080) and CX750W(for 30XX) one).
  6. Eledil

    People who got GPUs, how did you do it?

    What was the the price of 3080ti FE today?
  7. Eledil

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    PvP is very similar to arena games like Battlerite - very fast paced with paper, rock, scissors gameplay. The biggest downside for me is the leveling as I've done it multiple times on different servers and it's always the identical path. I'm really struggling to level any new characters in...
  8. Eledil

    *** Elden Ring ***

    I'm curious how (or will) they introduce coop and invasions. As we know that mechanic was a core of Dark Souls but wasn't present in Sekiro at all.
  9. Eledil

    Any MMORPG recommendations?

    FFXIV have the best story for an MMO, but it's still pretty average compared to single player games.
  10. Eledil

    *** Guardians of Galaxy ***

    Games looks fun, very similar sense of humor as in movies. The graphics need some work though, there were also some fps drops in the gameplay trailer which makes me worry a bit. source:
  11. Eledil

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    Console gaming become even more expensive now with the games starting with the 70 pounds price tag on ps5.
  12. Eledil

    People who got GPUs, how did you do it?

    Thanks, signed up and waiting.
  13. Eledil

    New build advice -> 3070 vs 3080 -> 1440 @144hz vs 4k @ 60hz

    Knowing the availability of 3080 would you go for 3070 once you have an opportunity to buy one for msrp?
  14. Eledil

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    Can't wait to play it. Do you think there will be open beta before the release? The only downside is it will probably release on the same week as Lost Ark which is also highly anticipated game.
  15. Eledil

    2600x to 3600 - is it worth it?

    Do you have any link to those bundles please?
  16. Eledil

    2600x to 3600 - is it worth it?

    The monitor I'm using is DELL S2719DGF, normaly with 144 refresh rate but can be OCed to 155. As it's a freesync monitor on a nvidia card the refresh range starts from 60+ frames but it's only stable from 75+. If the frames are below that number the refresh rate doubles i.e. on 50 frames refresh...
  17. Eledil

    2600x to 3600 - is it worth it?

    I'm using 1440p 155hz freesync monitor, therefore I need minimum 75 frames to keep the "gsync" working. On multiplayer games I prefer performance but for singles I'm happy with 80-90 fps and best visuals. At the moment I'm using 1080 so most of the time I'm playing on medium/high settings but...
  18. Eledil

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I've made an error by buying 1440p 155hz monitor thinking I would easly upgrade my old 1080 to 30xx series.
  19. Eledil

    2600x to 3600 - is it worth it?

    Hi, As I'm hunting for rtx 3070+, I'm also planning to upgrade my Ryzen 2600x as it would be bottlenecked by the new graphic card. Since there is a big price difference between 3600, 3600x and 5600x I ask for your opinion on what to choose. My motherboard is asrock x470 Master SLI and I'm using...
  20. Eledil

    CPU always at 99% usage

    You might have a trojan miner in your system. I had one that deactivated itself as soon as I opened task manager. Only spotted it for split a second and deleted manually.
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