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  1. Tripnologist


    Thanks for posting this as it's reminded me that I need to ditch them. I was on the cheapest package as I just needed a place to host a few domains that get zero traffic and to occasionally host a file or two. Definitely overpaying now for what I need.
  2. Tripnologist

    Lovely Christmas Bonus

    Thread necromancy!! 10 year update! I took the redundancy They screwed me out of my shares by selling the CMS we built to a company the other 2 directors owned for £1. (it was in contract that any major company decision had to be voted on and approved by a majority of the directors, which I...
  3. Tripnologist

    Your GPU history tree and potential next card

    GeForce 2 Pro GeForce 4 Ti 4600 GeForce 6800 Ultra GeForce 8800 GTX Radeon 5850 GTX 670 GTX 980 Ti RTX 3090
  4. Tripnologist

    Corsair RGB Splitter a thing?

    I hope this is allowed as you cannot purchase these on OCUK.... There's a guy on ebay who makes custom Corsair RGB splitters. I won't link to him, but do a search and you should be able to find him pretty easily.
  5. Tripnologist

    Template confusion - website

    You're just missing the font files for the icons. Check here.. /plugins/system/helix/fonts/fontawesome/
  6. Tripnologist

    New card for new monitor

    I ended up going with the Dell S2716DG and a Zotac 980ti and don't regret it.
  7. Tripnologist

    JS, is this too much code?

    Sorry this is in noob-y jQuery, but should be easy enough to convert to vanilla. function onload(){ $('#left, #right, #up, #down').each(function(){ var $this = $(this); var id = $this.attr('id'); $this.on('touchstart touchend', function(){...
  8. Tripnologist

    New card for new monitor

    Thanks for the reply Poneros. That was my thinking as well, but wanted confirmation. Going to buy in the morning.
  9. Tripnologist

    New card for new monitor

    Heya, I'm looking for some advice. I currently have: 2500K @ 4.8Ghz 8GB DDR3 670 GTX Power Edition Dell U2410 I'm looking to get a new monitor and am leaning towards a Dell S2716DG. My 670 is pretty crap as it is, so I'm going to need to upgrade that as well. My questions are: Would I be...
  10. Tripnologist

    COD: Black Ops III

    Playing with a FPS cap of 58 solved my mouse lag issues. I'm also using Process Lasso to automatically keep the .exe priority at high. I still get the occasional 'fps drop' drop, even though the actual FPS never moves from 58, but it's much better than before.
  11. Tripnologist

    HTML Responsive Tables

    I second Ink. It's a great little email framework.
  12. Tripnologist

    quick basic javascript question

    np. Regarding vars, the general rule of thumb is that if you're going to reference an element more than once, put it in a var. If you wrote longhand and pulled 5 attributes off an element, that's 5 separate times the browser would have to search through the DOM to find your element. Doing...
  13. Tripnologist

    quick basic javascript question

    I would generally go with the first example just because it's more flexible. However, the second is acceptable (imo) if there is little/no chance that you'll actually use it later on. camelCase is definitely the most common, but it's up to you really; just be consistent. (Also, if editing...
  14. Tripnologist

    CoD: Advanced Warfare

    Yup. Seems to have fixed the mouse issues for me.
  15. Tripnologist

    Dealing with images in a responsive design

    IMO, img srcset and the picture element are ready for prime time, provided you're using a polyfill like picturefill. (more img srcset than picture though) With img srcset, you define a set of sources and it's up to the browser to 'choose' the right one based on device and connection...
  16. Tripnologist

    Website Creation

    Nothing is unlimited as it's not financially feasible. They might offer you unlimited space and bandwidth, but they'll have hardware use limits that will restrict your ability to actually take advantage of 'unlimited resources'. Not saying they're not a good host though, just that the unlimited...
  17. Tripnologist

    The Battlefield 4 Thread ~ Server details in opening post ~

    For Gol Magnum, do it on Firestorm and use a sniper to pick people off the tower until you have your ribbon. Then swap to your weapon of choice and plant a claymore at the bottom of the ladder, climb up and then kill people who try to climb it.
  18. Tripnologist

    PSD to code

    Google 'psd site template'. First result has 145 of them. :)
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