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    *** Photography Sticky *** Gallleries, guides, links, for sale and more ...

    Sad to report the end of my photography days ... lots of good Canon kit up for sale:
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    John Lewis Home Solutions

    I think that's basically par for the course - it is difficult to predict these things without actually seeing the particulars! The real question is in how they deal with it and any benefit of using JL over just ringing around a few different people for quotes. I'm in MK45 which is on the list...
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    Buffalo LS220D NAS and OpenLink

    That page was last updated in 2007. I'd be highly wary of using anything that old that isn't (apparently) being actively maintained.
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    Are there good and bad TRV's?

    Definitely don't get the cheapest out there. We had central heating put in ~4 years ago and the plumbers used very cheap ones. They've been dropping like flies and I spent one of my Easter bank holiday days replacing every one in the house with ones that don't seep from around the pin. I got...
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    Open source Red Alert

    Red Alert was a cracking game. I downloaded it for iPhone a while ago but couldn't gel with the controls. Might have to put this high up on my list of procrastination methods :p
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    Need some euro cylinder lock advise pls

    I'll just leave this here ... If bosnianbill rates these, they're good enough for me. Doesn't stop someone putting a stone through your window, though!
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    Best way to clip cables to brickwork?

    I always find this a pain as well. I've used them from a variety of sources - screwfix generally - and they're all as bad as each other. I always wondered if I was missing a trick of the trade with them?!
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    Family game recommendations?

    Skull is an excellent quick game. Even my 4 year old can play. It's a bit hard to track down these days, but Taluva is also a great quick game.
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    New forum! Post bugs & errors in here *CHECK FIRST POST FOR ISSUES FIRST - P.S. THE MM IS OPEN*

    Other than a few CSS tweaks (drop shadows, boxes everywhere) it's not the end of the world, but there's no way to collapse the forum lists :/
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    Tiling bathroom floor, but some boards squeek !

    Sort the squeaks first whilst everything is up, decent plywood over the top screwed down well and then tile with a flexible adhesive.
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    Making Picture Frames

    Yeah, don't get me wrong - the control is a great benefit and is the main factor really in choosing to do it yourself ... other than the cost, obviously. If you're buying moulded section anyway, then for the cost of a mitre setup you can certainly have a go. As with all of these things, you...
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    Making Picture Frames

    It's unlikely to be economic unless you have most of the kit already. Things like the 90deg clamps or strap clamps, the mitre box (/ a mitre saw) and a router for doing rebates will all add up to a surprising amount. You can buy moulded section (generally finished / veneered MDF - google...
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    Reward Credit Cards..

    Since Santander attacked the rates on the 123 Credit account, it barely breaks even for us in comparison to the monthly charge. Obviously they want everyone off of the 123 system! We were considering getting an Amex Platinum Cashback card, but we've never had Amex before. Can someone tell me...
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    Tesco bans Pyjamas instore...

    I always enjoy coming into these and guessing how many people don't realise it's a necro, despite the fact that it's a 6 page thread already, which they surely would have noticed before, and despite the fact that it links to the old-style BBC news website ...
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    Hive or Nest?

    Neither. Get Tado. The geofencing on mobiles makes it hands-down better than both.
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    Circular saw jammed

    Photo taken with a potato, so hard to see what's going on. Is the blade overlapping the riving knife? Nevertheless, if that's how it arrived, take it up with eBay for a refund.
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    Put it all inside a pillowcase, tie it up (well!) and put it in the washing machine. Job's a gud un. My mum's school used to buy / get donated a lot of lego from parents, and they used to clean it like this for their after-school club. Nothing like a biological detergent.
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    What cable is this?

    I saw a cable once. It was yellow.
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    Do you charge your adult children who still live at home?

    I disappeared before the question ever arose, but my partner's parents enforced a 1/3 as 'rent', 1/3 enforced savings, 1/3 spending money system. It sounds a bit draconian, but it helped them all save for house deposits ...
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    Bash command not working - why?

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