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  1. Luckystrike123

    Student loan repayment

    I graduated in 2020 and owe a despicable >£60k. The loan rate of 12% is scandalous. As others have said, I'll evaluate overpaying when I hit a salary of £50k+, but should the high rates of inflation continue for any number of years then it'll likely just more sense to wait for it to be...
  2. Luckystrike123

    What Freesat Recordable box in UK ?

    My parents were looking into moving from sky to free sat, but in the end opted to keep sky on the cheapest deal just to keep the sky box fully functional.
  3. Luckystrike123

    People with phones playing videos in public without headphones

    I do this when I need my 5 year old to not be a terror. I set the volume as low as possible to minimise disturbing others, but in reality I'm doing them a massive favour!
  4. Luckystrike123

    Another free computer

    I still have my 2500k as my main pc, although I've upgraded the gfx and added an SSD since I bought it. Modern PC gaming is far too expensive at the moment and I'm not into consoles at all. When this eventually bites the dust I think that I'll bin gaming off entirely.
  5. Luckystrike123

    Tories lost the 2019 election among working age adults

    I've actually been enraged by this green energy proposal. Not often that this happens. The young and working age people have just spent an inordinate amount of money protecting old frail people from COVID, and this is what is being proposed? I'm really starting to hate this ******** of a country.
  6. Luckystrike123

    Pay rise 2022

    I got 13.5%, but I was a graduate moving up to junior engineer. I still don't think that I'm paid well though and it's difficult to estimate what I should be earning as my reference data is from 2018 and obviously inflation has gone mental recently. My feeling at the moment is that I'll wrap...
  7. Luckystrike123

    Selling A Home With Strike

    We are thinking of using strike as I'd much rather not pay for an estate agent. We'd consider their conveyancing as we don't have a solicitor. Has anyone done this and how did you find it?
  8. Luckystrike123

    What on earth is this :(

    I think it's clearly unethical of the surgeon regardless of what she wants or how much money she's prepared to offer. Banning it is pointless though as people would just travel overseas.
  9. Luckystrike123

    Kilometres and kg

    As an engineer I greatly appreciate the metric system; lb ft inch'2 is a complete nightmare. Although I do weigh 16 stone and drive 22 miles to work...
  10. Luckystrike123

    Which Uni?

    I can't offer specific advice on the course or uni but from my experience, university snobbery exists during graduate recruitment, so the highest ranked / most prestigious institution would be best.
  11. Luckystrike123

    Dutch reach around

    I did my first Dutch reach around (haha) yesterday. I don't think that it would be any better than using your mirrors, unless the cyclist is riding at you from a strange angle. I forgot to do the reach around twice today. I think it'll be quite difficult to remember as it's so unintuitive.
  12. Luckystrike123

    What's your weekly flutter?

    I'll buy an occasional euro millions ticket and unless I'm attending a sporting event I never place a bet.
  13. Luckystrike123

    The Hangover Thread

    This morning I'm at a 3 or 4. I'm feeling qute tired and I've had the obligatory bad guts that is associated with craft ale. I eat most of a large pizza last night, but this made me feel quite uncomfortable and I could not easily go to sleep. I've drank a couple of filter coffees this morning...
  14. Luckystrike123

    genetic screening service?

    I have a hereditary genetic blood disorder and my wife and I were screened when we were planning to have a family. This was done on the NHS and involved a consultation with a dermatologist and geneticist as well as the test for my specific condition. The consultation only covered the specific...
  15. Luckystrike123

    The What did you get for Christmas? thread

    Fancy beers Fancy pork scratchings Fancy beer glass Manfume Jumper 23andme kit Very pleased with my hall and overall I've had an excellent Christmas so I'm a happy chap.
  16. Luckystrike123

    What are you getting your families for xmas?

    My son (4) is getting dinosaurs, super heroes, books and educational activities. So obviously he has been very easy to buy for. The wife is more tricky, she's getting channel perfume, pyjamas, chocolate etc but I cannot think of anything really good to get her. Her birthday is on the 23rd...
  17. Luckystrike123

    Someone stole our Xmas tree at work!!!

    What's most amusing about the video is that she shows no respect to the hazard tape on the floor. She is clearly very dangerous and must be apprehended before she strikes again.
  18. Luckystrike123

    Kyle Rittenhouse - teen who shot three people in Kenosha

    I've loosely been following the trial and I'm not surprised that he was acquitted. The dead and injured obviously wanted to do him harm, although I don't think that in anyway justifies their death / injury. I feel that what really should have been on trial is an American society which allows...
  19. Luckystrike123


    The 2 tricks I use to fall asleep are: 1. If awake after 20 minutes get up and watch something really boring on TV until I feel tired, then go back to bed. Doing this resets the sleep cue of going to bet. 2. When in bed do long slow breaths. When breathing out, imagine that you are...
  20. Luckystrike123

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    Well done on sticking with it. Did you find it challenging or did you take to it easily?
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