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  1. eagleuk

    Nvidia recognises 10gb isn't enough - RTX3080 gets a VRAM upgrade

    It's so they can raise the RRP and force the LHR cards across the board. Smart move on their side, not good for consumers though.
  2. eagleuk

    How should i go about learning Programming

    Literally go to codeacademy and work through all their html, js, css courses. It's free and you'll learn all the basics you need.
  3. eagleuk


    Unlucky for lukers with 10 year old accounts but understandable. Still a great idea for long time active users and it's great for something to be offered even if it's a one time thing. Impossible for me or many others to get a card anyhow, won't make much difference if us on old accounts miss...
  4. eagleuk

    4870x2 Problems

    That was before my time really I think. First PC i had ( built ) had a AMD 3500+ on a 939 board ( which was a fairly short lived socket ).
  5. eagleuk

    H500i Cooling - expansion slot exhausts?

    Yeah I've actually just reused the two stock h500 fans in a 'budget' build and they are insanely loud, I've got them at about 10% at the front and that's the max they can really go before they can become audible, the rear fan is running 80%.
  6. eagleuk

    My new favourite biscuit..

    Chocolate hobnobs all day long
  7. eagleuk

    Steam remote play

    Really depends on your connection :D
  8. eagleuk

    Air or cheap aio for 3700x

    Would take a decent air cooler over an AIO any day.
  9. eagleuk

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    This is going to be the first single-player game I've bought and played for a long time!
  10. eagleuk

    best upgrade for £100-200 to play latest games?

    AMD 100% on your price point yep. It should be compatible yep. Get a 3100 if you can find one, otherwise, a 2600 / 2600 will do. Wouldn't recommend a 1st gen CPU like a 1600.
  11. eagleuk

    best upgrade for £100-200 to play latest games?

    Seems like you are probably not running that CPU overclocked so that would probably be the best place to start, getting the max OC you can on that CPU. You can still game on a 750ti reasonably, no point upgrading it without a better CPU etc. I would personally spend £200 on a new CPU / RAM /...
  12. eagleuk

    What to do with money?

    Is 50K the max allowed?
  13. eagleuk

    What film did you watch last night?

    Does anybody else get stuck watching some dull and boring horror movie with their partner? Swear there is no decent unique horrors anymore, just the same bland thing over and over.
  14. eagleuk

    3090 supply

    Fairly sure you'll be fine. I'm running a 1080ti on a single cable from a 550w PSU :)
  15. eagleuk

    What to do with money?

    Put it all into premium bonds? Isn't that all protected?
  16. eagleuk

    3090 supply

    Probably depends on how much power is available to that cable, so likely depends on your PSU.
  17. eagleuk

    Best network for latency (not EE)

    I normally get anywhere from a stable 23ms up to around 35ms. Much better than broadband latency for me. If it's 80-90ms that sounds like you are connected using 3G ( which I also used to have to use ) which was a fairly horrible thing to have to use for gaming. Never had anywhere near that...
  18. eagleuk

    4870x2 Problems

    Haha, sorry for the slow reply my man! Nice to know you are still active on the forum ;)
  19. eagleuk

    4870x2 Problems

    I just forgot really but I got really into League of Legends and didn't really play much else in the last 10 years so haven't been as into the hardware etc. for a while. For the first couple of years after I made the thread I was working a 8:30am - 5pm job, then working 4 evenings at Makro...
  20. eagleuk

    4870x2 Problems

    Sipha later tonight ;)
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