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  1. Malki

    Windows on a M.2 Drive

    Need to put your old drive into new PC, use that to boot into Windoze then clone to the NVME also in the new PC.
  2. Malki

    new build PC

    IMHO use a smaller 500GB NVME solely for the system drive, store nothing else on it. Point all your data to another drive of your choice. I'd concur with other posters who say keep the 1080i for now at least.
  3. Malki

    Spec/check my access point hardware

    Netgear Orbi might fit what you need. I have similar to what you are setting up (I think) Virgin router in the loft office, one of the Orbi attached to that, 4 spare ethernet access points on that one. Second satellite Orbi is two floors down, also has 4 ethernet points. The RBK50 gives...
  4. Malki

    Which 8TB Drive?

    Easy to shuck, best to watch a YouTube on the specific drive to see where the hidden clasps are if you want to keep the case intact. I've shucked about 12 drives and broke at least one clip on each. I'd say most shuckings are partially destructive until you've done a few. Standard Sata drive...
  5. Malki

    Jonsbo LB-3 led light strip

    They are sold individually on this site, no useful information to be found anywhere I can find. Only one video on YouTube and he was only playing with one, and I don't speak Hungarian
  6. Malki

    Recommend me a USB switcher

    I've tried loads as well, only recently discovered it's the highest powered that are the most reliable. Forget the 24W and 36W ones and go full on with 90 watt ones if you intend to use external hard drives Etc. An 8 port 60W Sabrent and a 90W 16 port Sabrent are my choice USB Hub tools. No...
  7. Malki

    What pc storage do you'll have?

    Internal 17.5TB A: Scratch SSD 500GB B: Blank SSD 500Gb C: Windows SSD 500GB D: Media 6TB E: Synology Drive 6TB L: GoPro 2TB T: Old Photos 2TB Left DAS 5TB U: Safe L2 1TB V: Synology Pool Backup L1 1TB W: BlankL4 2TB X: Stuff - Old History L3 1TB Middle DAS 28TB R: TV Series M1 6TB S...
  8. Malki

    Which 8TB Drive?

    Only drives that have failed me in 30 years have all been Seagate. 1x2tb and 2x8tb WD and Toshiba others all work flawlessly. Only reliable Seagate drives are ones ripped out of Sky Boxes, most with 60K hours plus on them.
  9. Malki

    Jonsbo LB-3 led light strip

    Hi, Does anybody know if these can be daisy chained (4) or do they each require a power supply. Thanks
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