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  1. Le_Petit_Lapin

    5.25" Dual Bay to Multiple 3.5" Internal?

    Hey guys, What do you call those wee adaptors that you get that convert a pair of 5.25" external bays to a rack that takes multiple (usually 3 IIRC) 3.5" HDD drives internally? I tried looking for them under the name "Caddy" but that just brings up a bunch of hot-swappable racks, which...
  2. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Overall first impressions of the Forum

    You'll never leave.
  3. Le_Petit_Lapin

    *** Sony Xperia Z5 ***

    Well that sounds awful, think I'll have to look at the alternatives.
  4. Le_Petit_Lapin

    *** Sony Xperia Z5 ***

    What does this mean? Couldnt care less about the warranty, been rooting my phones for years now. :D
  5. Le_Petit_Lapin

    *** Sony Xperia Z5 ***

    What are the root options like on this phone?
  6. Le_Petit_Lapin

    **** The Official Google Nexus 6P Thread ****

    Is no-where doing the 64GB version of this on Contract? 32GB would definitely not be enough for me.
  7. Le_Petit_Lapin

    *** LG V10 ***

    No news on UK release date yet? Looking to pick one up.
  8. Le_Petit_Lapin

    **** The Official Note 5 thread ****

    Man, I was hoping this would be my upgrade path from my Note 2, but I'm really put off by the lack of an SD Slot and lack of a removable battery. SD slot in particular is a killer for me as I like to keep a ton of audiobooks on there. On top of that, they're not even releasing it in the UK? At...
  9. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Can you photo shop this case

    Is this what you're after?
  10. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Old NForce-4 Motherboard Query

    Hey guys, Would anyone here happen to know if an old Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 (rev.1.1) will support a 2TB SATA hard drive? Its started making that old "chattering" noise of an impending hard drive failure, so I need to get something new in there asap. Its just an old PC in retirement and doing...
  11. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Chinese man has new nose grown on forehead

    Wouldn't it just have been easier to grow the artificial nose on top of where his actual nose should be?
  12. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Squadron 42 - Star Citizen : Wing Commander Style Space Sim

    So this is basically a Privateer / Elite MMO affair? Or is it more single player orientated? If MMO based, is there permadeath?
  13. Le_Petit_Lapin

    *** The Official Samsung Galaxy Note II Thread ***

    Well I seem to have somehow managed to un-root my Note II by installing some update or other... Anyone care to recommend a rooting guide for this device to me, something that is easy for an idiot to follow. I had a look on XDA, but the damn ones I found seemed to have instructions bizarrely...
  14. Le_Petit_Lapin

    It's snowing

    Got a good 6-8 inches outside my house here up in the outskirts of Belfast. Police seem to have closed the roads up here, people kept getting stuck all day, I've been doing my bit with the snow shovel today helping get some unstuck. Power keeps going out here too, can't say I envy the...
  15. Le_Petit_Lapin

    WinXP Standard, Basic fonts.

    Thanks man, I just ran the step: REN *.fo_ *.fon seperately, then done the same process for the .ttf's. All good now! Thanks!
  16. Le_Petit_Lapin

    WinXP Standard, Basic fonts.

    Just getting the error, destination is not a directory, when extracting using the following: expand f:\I386\*.fo_ c:\expand\*.fon I created the c:\expand\ directory to try this, so its definately there. I then tried: expand f:\I386\*.fo_ c:\expand\ But that just gives me a bunch of...
  17. Le_Petit_Lapin

    WinXP Standard, Basic fonts.

    Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a headache with an old WinXP machine that has been pretty much relegated to print server duties (plotter manufacturer never released any Win 7 drivers). I messed up an accidently deleted a couple of the system fonts, to the point where menus on the machine aren't...
  18. Le_Petit_Lapin

    SIII vs Nexus 4 vs HTC One x+, buying tonight...

    Where is stocking the Nexus 4 out of interest? (on contract) I've just noticed that my contract is up on my old phone, so I may as well get something new and shiny. :D
  19. Le_Petit_Lapin

    Origin Account Comprimised - How to recover it?

    I never got around to saying thanks. Cheers!
  20. Le_Petit_Lapin

    THQ in bad shape

    So what happens to the development studios of the games when their publisher goes bankrupt?
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