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  1. Dallies

    Do you care for Ray Tracing "now"?

    At the moment no In the future when a mid range gpu can handle it yes.
  2. Dallies

    Is the Q6600 any good?

    If you are intending on running Windows vista and a bunch of programs from that era then it's a pretty good cpu. If you wanna use Windows 10 then I'm betting a current gen celeron will do a lot better.
  3. Dallies

    12600kf and z690 gaming x bent!

    I'm kinda curious as to how Intel would know someone's used the cpu in a modified socket? Would it go along the lines of Intel saying your cpu isn't bent, so we think you have been using a modified socket, your warranty is void? Anybody know the story behind the ford pinto? Where due to poor...
  4. Dallies

    12600kf and z690 gaming x bent!

    I returned the motherboard to the supplier. It's gonna be tested and replaced under warranty if it appears to be faulty. Fingers crossed. Had some strange behaviour... very poor gaming performance. Running hwinfo it seemed every time I put the pc under load the cpu dropped to 3.6ghz on all...
  5. Dallies

    12600kf and z690 gaming x bent!

    Hi This is why im trying to get a few counter answers before contacting Intel again. They said that cpu bowing is perfectly normal and won't affect the operation of the cpu. But I remember back to the 1st gen i7 where intels stock cooler put so much pressure on the board it bowed the socket...
  6. Dallies

    12600kf and z690 gaming x bent!

    Hi A month after purchase I upgraded the cpu cooler and noticed the cpu was slightly bent in the middle. In the last week cpu temps have risen by 10c which I thought was because of the warmer weather but changed the thermal paste anyway and that's when I noticed the cpu is bent even more. I...
  7. Dallies

    12600kf and z690 gaming x bent!

    First the cpu started to bend and now the mb has a big bulge in it around the cpu socket! Where does one stand with warranty? Obviously if I bought a new car and it started to bend I would be entitled to a refund but Intel say this is normal? Perhaps the big bulge in my gut is normal and I...
  8. Dallies

    Noisey/slurpy AIO on power up

    Every aio cooler I've owned has made a noise at startup. A bit of trapped air in the pump. The loop needs a small amount of air in it to allow for expansion. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Dallies

    5800x started to overheat

    Should be able to monitor aio pump rpm in the bios.
  10. Dallies

    i7-12700 Power Efficiency

    My 12600 draws about 20w when surfing the Web etc.... I notice most of the p cores are parked and windows 11 will utilise the e cores. Also on the z690 platform you can customise the core use. I.e disable/enable any number of cores to suit your needs. I imagine the same goes for the 12700.
  11. Dallies

    Huge Intel and DDR5 problem needs fixing!

    I don't think its a problem considering most people will prefer a single dual channel kit. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you require 64gb or above wouldn't a workstation/server better suit your needs?
  12. Dallies

    Adata sata ssd operating temperature

    Sweet. Thanks for the replies guys.
  13. Dallies

    Xbox game bar cpu usage

    Hi Is the cpu% shown with game bar the core dedicated to running the game? Recently it always shows the cpu running at 3600mhz which is a E core. I don't understand why Windows would be running any game I play with E cores. Unless game bar is showing the wrong core! Idk? Thanks.
  14. Dallies

    Adata sata ssd operating temperature

    No rgb. Its sata. My m.2 drives have heatsinks. Thanks.
  15. Dallies

    Adata sata ssd operating temperature

    Cool. Thanks.
  16. Dallies

    Adata sata ssd operating temperature

    Hi thanks. Hw monitor was giving a false reading. It's actually operating at 60c Thanks.
  17. Dallies

    Adata sata ssd operating temperature

    My adata sata ssd temps are in the mid 80s idle and reaching almost 100c when gaming! Is that normal? It's currently mounted behind the mb under the lhs panel but even when the panel is removed there's no difference in temperature? Thanks.
  18. Dallies

    Nvme ssd raid array

    Thanks for the replies. I want a single volume accross 4 drives. Which I was gonna setup in the bios. I was unsure if I get a different nvme drive with different read/write speeds to the original weather it would cause problems. But I am gonna get identical drives as I want 2tb drives...
  19. Dallies

    Nvme ssd raid array

    To run 2 or more nvme ssd's in a array do they need to be identical drives or just all the same size? Thanks.
  20. Dallies

    AIO Bracket for Upgrade to 12400 Mobo

    This is what I found on ocuk You would be better off asking in the customer service section of the forums to confirm this will fit you cooler.
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