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  1. Bubo

    Air fryers

    I do those individual Pukka Pies in mine, surely vastly more economical than doing them in a full oven. I remember when I first got the air fryer my first thought on cooking *anything* was, can I air fry this?
  2. Bubo

    Today's mass shooting in the US

    Is it Video Games o'clock yet on the standard timeline of post school shooting US politicians soundbite checklist, or are they skipping it for this one?
  3. Bubo

    Flow flow flow, we all say flow!

    The fact that you say two different pumps give you the same flow, and there is no signs of blockage anywhere, I would suspect the flow sensor itself. It is possible the bearings for the little rotary impellor in the sensor are wearing, causing the impellor to not rotate as freely as when it was...
  4. Bubo

    Has anyone got a Zipstick to hand?

    Anyone thought of do a photogrammetry model of the Zipstick in Blender, then tidying that up in Blender for 3D printing? Just a thought, would be a good way of really capturing the shape of the main body. There is some free software to do this called Meshroom, always impressed by what this can do.
  5. Bubo

    Doctor Who

    The actor Kevin Eldon would have made an awesome Doctor. Then again, the actor Kevin Eldon would make an awesome anything.
  6. Bubo

    What Freesat box ? That's your list of channels on the relevant satellite which both Sky and Freesat use.
  7. Bubo

    What Freesat box ?

    I went and got a second hand Humax Foxsat box for £90. They are quite an old box that only do 1080p, but it was attractive to me as you can do some firmware jiggery pokery on that specific box to enable access to it over your network in order to archive free to air shows, so the box hard disk...
  8. Bubo

    *** The Official OcUK Eurovision 2022 GD thread ***

    Still, that Greece lass though eh?
  9. Bubo

    *** The Official OcUK Eurovision 2022 GD thread ***

    Greece judge nicely nicely
  10. Bubo

    *** The Official OcUK Eurovision 2022 GD thread ***

    H&S at work would be doing their nut at that raised platform bit just then. I would like to seer the working at height risk assessment for that one lol
  11. Bubo

    *** The Official OcUK Eurovision 2022 GD thread ***

    Is that Tyrion Lannister at thr back?
  12. Bubo

    *** The Official OcUK Eurovision 2022 GD thread ***

    Flipping eck, Serbia
  13. Bubo

    The all new, all fresh Random Image Thread

    Wayne Rooney has let himself go. Incidentally I am going to see him live next week, Stewart Lee that is, not Rooney.
  14. Bubo

    Doctor Who

    What did you think of Torchwood when that was on? Not having a go, just that open bisexualness has been in the Whoverse for years, the main differences seem to be the writing and stories were vastly superior back in them days. You could have whatever Doctor you could think of as long as the...
  15. Bubo

    Doctor Who

    I never got on with Matt Smith due to his lack of eyebrows. I ashamed to admit I am as non-eyebrowist as they come when it comes to invisible eyebrows. I think I must have got it from my dad growing up in the 70's and getting used to the likes of Dennis Healy on the telly.
  16. Bubo

    Watercooled 3080/3090 VRAM temps - Copper Shim installation

    Possible to lap the shim at all?
  17. Bubo

    Watercooled 3080/3090 VRAM temps - Copper Shim installation

    Going to have some really nice flowrate on those, what, maybe 3 central grooves? The rest of the grooves are on their own. Bit of a joke there.
  18. Bubo

    Walk me through this Synology wishlist...

    The Synology DSM software has some nice drive sync/backup software built in so if you end up keeping a large disk in your pc, and using the NAS purely for back up, then you will be able to easily set up an automatic back up at whatever frequency you want, you won't need to copy paste manually...
  19. Bubo

    If you could only watch films by one director who would you choose and why?

    David Lynch. That was easy. During Lockdown I watched Blue Velvet about 20 times. Plus, I watch his youtube weather report and number draw every day as well, not even vaguely bored of it :) It's entirely down to how much a good bloke he is.
  20. Bubo

    Dual screen, open windows moving when i open a game

    What I do when this happens, i.e. windows on screen 2 shifting position due to the main screen changing to a lower res in a game than the desktop res, I will drag the window on the second screen so part of it is on the first screen before starting the game. When the game starts it will shift...
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