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  1. covenantuk

    What watch do you wear?

    Finally caved into the crown
  2. covenantuk

    ** NVIDIA RTX 30 SERIES (3090 / 3080 / 3070) NOW ONLINE AT OcUK **

    What's the qualifying criteria for the "GPU Deals" section voucher codes? I was hoping to wait until all this madness dies down before replacing my 1080 but my GPU has developed a fault so going to need to upgrade :mad:
  3. covenantuk

    Spec me a NAS....

    In the past I;ve always used an HP Microserver for NAS duties, but mine is a bit long in the tooth and it;s time for an upgrade. The current Gen10 Plus is way overpriced for my needs.... So - what kind of things would you recommend? Low noise and small form factor are important I will be...
  4. covenantuk

    Thoughts on EPYC or Threadripper as a SMB VM Host

    Why do you want dual socket? But yes, used kit will go far further if you're up for that.
  5. covenantuk

    Thoughts on EPYC or Threadripper as a SMB VM Host

    For the vast majority of VM workloads the EPYC processors are fine - we run our enterprise vSphere cluster with over 600 VMs on 6 hosts on the 32-core 2ghz ones each backed by 1TB RAM, though we have a seperate 3 host cluster for high demand or time-critical processing which has higher speed...
  6. covenantuk

    Decent water-based satin coat?

    Basically, oil paints always flow better. For water based wood paints don't skimp - the cheaper ones are generally awful. They all go yellow, virutally no difference there.
  7. covenantuk

    Lian Li O11D- Mini....(latest post with AIO Up top in ATX format)

    Definitely would prefer smaller case and/or standard ATX PSU support than ATX support.
  8. covenantuk

    ** NVIDIA RTX 30 SERIES (3090 / 3080 / 3070) NOW ONLINE AT OcUK **

    Can't order anything until we get published card sizes. Need to make sure it fits in my mATX cube case. The Nvidia cooler looks so awesome I don't know if I even want a custom cooler on it :)
  9. covenantuk

    Combined Washer/ Dryer

    LG. More affordable than Bosch, just as good if not better.
  10. covenantuk

    Washer dryers

    Our LG has been faultless for 6 years.
  11. covenantuk

    Microserver Gen10 BIOS request

    Managed to find the .rom file in a UEFI zip version online and used the windows flash utility to run it, so I'm ok now thanks. Have to admit HP's attitude on not allowing BIOS downloads after just 12 months has put me off Microservers as they also aggressively issue takedown notices if anyone...
  12. covenantuk

    Microserver Gen10 BIOS request

    Ok, like an idiot I didn't download the latest Gen10 BIOS before my 12month warranty ran out and now I can't download it. Thanks HP. Does anyone have a copy of the latest (360) BIOS they can host or email me please? Link to file is here...
  13. covenantuk

    New House Purchase - Is It Possible No Haggle On Price?

    House prices go up over time shocker
  14. covenantuk

    Bathroom shaver socket - On wall or inside cabinet?

    Buy a cabinet with the socket built in - illumination and shaver/toothbrush sorted in one go.
  15. covenantuk

    RAM unstable after overclocked CPU

    Look to the memory controller settings.
  16. covenantuk

    80mm fan blanking plate?

    Anyonme have any idea if these are available at all? I can find grilles/guards but not blanking plates. I want to mount a pump/reservoir combo in front of an 80mm fan outlet and the easiest way would be to use a blanking plate over the outlet which I can then drill for the pump mount points
  17. covenantuk

    House modernisation-Bedroom washbasins.

    When I grew up we had one in every bedroom. In a big family they were great - no waiting in the morning to wash/brush teeth etc. However habits have changed now. Most people have showers every day whereas it was more common in the past to have a wash in the morning and baths in the evening. I...
  18. covenantuk

    Please Advise On My Spec? Superwide 1440 Gaming? for £2500

    With that level of investment, go for an OCUK water cooled build. It'll save you loads of hassle and come with a good warranty on the complete build.
  19. covenantuk


    **Watches intently for the OCUK post where they've ordered hundreds of RTX cards and are selling some off at keen prices**
  20. covenantuk

    Have you ever known the outsourcing of IT Support/Services work?

    The trick to making outsourcing work is all in the contract negotiation - unfortunately most organisations who outsource don't realise this and then find out later that the service provided is not sufficient, or too expensive, or both. One organisation I know outsourced support of a legacy...
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