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  1. tenofspades

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion new covid variant as infectious as measles, and 'everyone will get it'. Coming a bit of a joke now!
  2. tenofspades

    Stainless Steel frying pan - everyone should get one.

    no to stainless frying pans. I remember all too clearly frying eggs in stainless steel pans. It did not go well.
  3. tenofspades

    What was your first PC spec?

    Riva tnt 2 graphics card
  4. tenofspades

    What retro things have you done today?

    was playing playstation yesterday, loading up Duke Nukem(dated), Tomb Raider (holds up reasonably), Crash Bandicoot 2 (Classic), and Crash Bandicoot 3(reasonable).
  5. tenofspades

    Healthy eating

    that's my weakness- Salt.
  6. tenofspades

    Healthy eating

    I need lower blood pressure. What's some good healthy meals? I know NHS advertise one: Salmon and broccolli.
  7. tenofspades

    How the hell do Currys stay in business?

    Currys has a 100% record because not one person has complained about their currys. Ba.doom..
  8. tenofspades

    Who was your teenage crush?

    Anna Kournikova
  9. tenofspades

    What's your weekly flutter?

    -National Lottery -Euromillions -Hotpicks -Thunderball -Bingo -Scratch Card -Health Lottery -Football Pools -Horse Racing Or none of these. Disclaimer, if using any of these products, bet responsibly.
  10. tenofspades

    Cobra Kai

    Cobra Kai was a good binge watch. But the kids are so cheesy. I do like the plot twist at the end.
  11. tenofspades

    Do old PSOne games sell?

    oh this isn't like castlevania, this is like bloody Anna Kournikova's tennis. :D I will check out the members market on here. Thanks for replies.
  12. tenofspades

    Do old PSOne games sell?

    I have 20 old PSone games, do they sell at all, is it better just chucking them?
  13. tenofspades

    eBay return do I have rights?

    I agree a return the other day, but what annoyed me is how much I have to pay to have it returned. I paid £1.83 to send it, and I have to pay £3.35 to get it back.
  14. tenofspades

    It's that time again, how many Amazon orders have you placed in 2021?

    about 3 or 4, trying to buy local or other places online instead
  15. tenofspades

    Epic is giving away big games for the next few weeks again

    I just acquired Shenmue 3, but whether my machine can run it, and whether it's any good, is another question.
  16. tenofspades

    Should bullying at schools be a criminal offence?

    France has made it a potential criminal offense:
  17. tenofspades

    Top cashback/QuidCo

    I've never really used it.
  18. tenofspades

    Doctor Who

    awesome a doctor who thread, I'm at home. Last episode was amazing.
  19. tenofspades

    Coffee fans - best stock up

    as long as it doesn't affect decaf........(joking)
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