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  1. Ninco!

    What film did you watch last night?

    @Bald-Eagle22 OHMSS is brilliant, the sound track is awesome. I always had expectations having first watched Craig's Casino Royale, the series reboot was always going to build up to the OHMSS plot... Sadly not. :( The Changeling (1980) Never heard of this film before, starring Robert C Scott...
  2. Ninco!

    Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Circuit de Monaco - Race 7

    @this_is_gav thank you and to other members who have been taking turns creating these posts. Great photo! Monaco will never be dropped, same with Ferrari if either leave it will never be F1. The drivers love it, all the street circuits piling in on the calendar all want to emulate the glitz...
  3. Ninco!

    Gommora is the greatest TV show you've never heard of

    Thanks @SixTwoSix and @the shadow for the tips, will save the film for later. :)
  4. Ninco!

    The next Predator movie - Prey (2022 on Hulu)

    I like the idea of Horror films that are set in period times. Yet to see a decent one, Bone Tomahawk was the last one I watched, a great idea only to be a terrible film. Good to see it is R rated. The kid friendly Robocop remake from a few years back was a disaster. Not got high hopes but I...
  5. Ninco!

    Gommora is the greatest TV show you've never heard of

    These Italian Mafia series have me hooked! Currently up to Gomorra season 3 - loving it. Last night I took a pause and instead seeing the recommendations in this thread, started watching Suburra (2015) which is excellent. I happened to re-read this thread and realised there is a three season...
  6. Ninco!

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Cheers @Graetzbridge once work settles down, I cant wait. In my twenties had a Doberman Cross rescue dog, went everywhere with me, work and even the pub (got spoiled rotten) loads of attention! It got to the point, where if were weren't going out to the pub he got sad! It was awesome and lived...
  7. Ninco!

    This Instant And Moment - 2022!

    Great news @robfosters and @Hades wishing you a speedy recovery - get well soon.
  8. Ninco!

    *** The Car Cleaning Thread ***

    I bet that Suzuki is great fun to drive, reminds me of the original Fiat Cinquecento. Lovely job on the interior, and in very good nick for 17 years old! I really like white wheels on the right car! :cool:
  9. Ninco!

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Man I should avoid this thread, love dogs, seeing Max, Rusty and the chap above, awesome and I so want one! Its not the right time, but one day!
  10. Ninco!

    The Hot Sauce thread

    Yes, grabbed a bottle yesterday as its on offer in Waitrose! First impressions I prefer it to Sriracha which I always thought has an almost metallic taste? It has almost the texture of ketchup. Heat wise, similar to Encona XXL. It has a kick, but not hot when compared to some of the sauces...
  11. Ninco!

    Thinking about moving to a Ninja Foodi.

    Thanks @aVdub I wondered the same, to line the tray with foil to catch the fat as it would make cleaning a lot easier. Burgers so far are the worst culprit! Good tip, dropping in hot water. Its a grim job mopping out fat and disposing in the morning; hate leaving mess until the next day! :o...
  12. Ninco!

    Thinking about moving to a Ninja Foodi.

    I am looking at the dual zone as well. I recently purchased the grill for exactly this reason; better burgers and steaks. The results are good! However I do agree that cleaning is a pain; especially for burgers. The amount of fat in the tray to wipe out and dispose is astonishing; even high...
  13. Ninco!

    DIY Desk Build - Staining Oak Desk Top

    Another vote for Osmo, I asked a similar question a couple of years ago for my teak desk. I wanted to keep a matt finish, spilt drinks and they mop up without staining.
  14. Ninco!

    It's too hot :(

    Last night's storm was as @robfosters mentioned, a proper Dracula moment. As a kid, storms usually resulted in power cuts, sitting in candle light. We lived in York and parents would scare us with tales about Dick Turpin etc! :D No thunder which got me thinking if its true, that as kid I was...
  15. Ninco!

    Buying a house in an area of high flood risk

    I would walk away as well. Flooding, I really feel for owners whose homes flood, nightmare. If you are already having thoughts before you buy - it will always be in the back of your mind and possibly take the shine off an otherwise great purchase. Even it it doesn't flood, its still going to...
  16. Ninco!

    Miami Grand Prix 2022, Miami - Race 5

    The jewellery ban is a strange one. Drivers were known to wear bracelets with their blood type and I doubt many wear a watch anymore. I might be missing something? What medical evidence has triggered this sudden stamping out? A chain will impede an emergency tracheotomy? In the event of, for...
  17. Ninco!

    Das Boot series

    Agreed, Das Boot is one of the greatest war films ever! Never purchased Sky as it would be lost on me, nonetheless, Atlantic does feature some decent shows! Let us know how it goes, it looks good!
  18. Ninco!

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Definitely, gets better as it goes on, the actors who play the infamous killers bear a good likeness, a real shame it got canned. I hope the series is resumed one day,
  19. Ninco!

    Gommora is the greatest TV show you've never heard of

    Skimmed this thread to avoid spoilers as I am only starting and still on season one. Very impressed, the accompanying soundtrack for certain scenes is decent - its certainly drawn me in. :)
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