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  1. 4Qman

    3x Monitors needed budget up to £1k total

    Same here mate, I will go for these too. Thanks pp111 and spikey for the thread.
  2. 4Qman

    3x Monitors needed budget up to £1k total

    Hi Spiky, I am similar to you, i currently use 3x 25inch dell monitors. I have contemplated going 34inch UW and keeping the 3 dells for other duties and to assit with work (cad/quoting/word/excel etc). In terms lf monitors I want something thats of a decent quality along these lines LG...
  3. 4Qman


    Same here too Will this board run with a 3950x?
  4. 4Qman

    Iiyama GB3466WQSU-B1 Curve (1500R) 34” 1440 144Hz VA panel FreeSync Premium Pro

    Is there anyone who uses this for office based applications, word, powerpoint, internet browsing etc? I'm stuck between this and the FLAT IPS version and would appreciate some advice.
  5. 4Qman

    Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1 - Flat 34" 1440 144HZ 1MS IPS Freesync for <£400

    I am about to pull the pin on this monitor. No gaming, PowerPoint and cad drawings. I have a triple monitor (3x 25" dell) setup at the moment and plan to keep 2 of the screens (1 each side of this if i get it). Any reason why this wouldn't be a good idea?
  6. 4Qman

    Anyone else considering switching from a 3950X to a 5950x? If so why...

    I have the asrock itach x370 and x1800 Can the 5950x work is this board?
  7. 4Qman

    Anything else to conider other than the LG UltraWide 34UC99-W 34 Inch for office

    Thanks thenewoc, You have given me some other options. The liyama is a good option as i can get one now and one when adjusting my room.
  8. 4Qman

    Anything else to conider other than the LG UltraWide 34UC99-W 34 Inch for office

    I'm looking to drop the hammer on this monitor. It will be for office work, CAD and general use. Its IPS as I will want a viewing angle for somebody next to me to see screen (not sure if IPS is needed) so thought would be better suited. Any negatives, anything else to consider would be greatly...
  9. 4Qman

    help understanding a pfsense guide

  10. 4Qman

    Iiyama GB3466WQSU-B1 Curve (1500R) 34” 1440 144Hz VA panel FreeSync Premium Pro

    I'm also interested in the curved version also. It will be for office work, cad etc. Is this the ideal monitor for such work?
  11. 4Qman

    Using old phone as a hotspot (MIFI) only, with tasker option for a mobile office

    Hi guys, girls. I'm looking for some advice and opinions please. I currently use a MIFI for my internet when out with work, this has my laptop connected to it along with mobile printer and mobile phone. The existing mifi is connected to a GiNET GL-MT300 router that is in repeater mode, the...
  12. 4Qman

    Best X570 Motherboards

    Multiple workstations. You have another idea?
  13. 4Qman

    Best X570 Motherboards

    I am looking for a motherboard that allows 3 Gfx cards, is there anything on this platform that allows this? It's for a new UNRAID server build i am planning.
  14. 4Qman

    AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) - *** NO COMPETITOR HINTING ***

    Haha, your last few posts lol
  15. 4Qman

    Did i buy the wrong gfx card (Radeon wx4100 using in windows VM)

    Hi, I run Unraid and Windows 10 VM. I have 3 monitors I wanted to use on a single card, so I just purchased the WX4100. However, when I pass through the card to the VM it locks up and I get a black screen.
  16. 4Qman

    I need a gfx card for 2 monitors, office use but odd game

    I currently have a Nvidia card but it only has 1 HDMI port. I require 2 as I wish to run dual screens, I have a Ryzen x1800x and Asrock x370 motherboard. I am looking at the Gigagyte GTX 1050, £150ish. but was hoping closer to £100. Id appreciate any advice
  17. 4Qman

    Memory upgrade for x1800 but going TR

    Hi, I have the asrock itachi x370 and x1800 ryzen cpu. I have 32gb of ram at the moment 2x16gb but it was cheap and only really to get the system running. I feel this is the weak spot in the system as the cpu runs stock and the ram only allows slight adjustments before it become unstable...
  18. 4Qman

    Ryzen "2" ?

    I have the 1800x and 32gb ram running some vms and plex for 4k streaming, runs nice and smooth. Do you utilize the other cores for anything other than streaming?
  19. 4Qman

    Ryzen "2" ?

    I'm good thank you, not spoken to anyone from BTUK for a long time. I've only just built my new rig, 1800x, but struggle to get 3.8ghz. I think the 2x16gb ram sticks could be at fault.. AX4U3000316G16-DWZ (Latency 16-18-18 1.35v).
  20. 4Qman

    Ryzen "2" ?

    Kitfit1, Was you a BENCHTEKUK member?
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