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  1. pitchfork

    Is your work keyboard disgusting?

    I wouldn't say it's dirty. Mostly just worn the key markings off over the past few months, got hands like a rhinos arse, they just sand down keyboards.
  2. pitchfork

    Plumbing in a dishwasher

    You can use a self cutting tap into the cold water pipe those kind of taps are absolutely fine for stuff like dishwashers. Then you'd just need to get the appropriate trap for under the sink and connect up the waste. Bobs your uncle, fannys your aunt, it's plumbed. £300? Having a laugh.
  3. pitchfork

    How much rent should my brother pay?

    £3-400 is a standard amount for a room, I have no doubts they could afford to pay that. I moved out quite sharpish from my folks after I got my first proper job because it was going to be £250 there. If your mother does not want it she could make their stay contingent on them saving for a...
  4. pitchfork

    If bicycles are banned from commuter trains, why aren't pushchairs?

    The idea was never to ban bikes. It was to ban sweaty cyclists from stinking up the train.
  5. pitchfork

    The younger generation.

    I have to agree but I feel like it's not just the youth, people in general are more insular, self obsessed and motivated by greed. There's minimal social interaction, no one seems to care about anything passionately and no real sense of community in many places. We've basically become a crap...
  6. pitchfork

    Am I being unreasonable to my employer?

    MD sounds like a right penis. I can't believe you even come in early or stay late, I never work a second over, think you're mad to give the company any of your precious free time. Unless you're super bloody slow and never get any work done, always leaving masses of work at the end of the...
  7. pitchfork

    Hot Dogs

    Bratwurst from lidl or go down the polish shop.
  8. pitchfork

    Recommend a blow torch for the kitchen

    I use the same rothenberger torch I use for soldering pipes :D
  9. pitchfork

    Tupperware, where do you get yours?

    Amazon, the lock and lock stuff is king.
  10. pitchfork

    For those of you who like a big breakfast

    No one could do that, I've done a few mega breakfast challenges but that is simply no doable by a human being.
  11. pitchfork

    The Spicery

    Actually I have all of those in my store cupboard. I keep a good supply of whole and ground spices as any self respecting chef would. Maybe if you only ever shop in supermarkets you would struggle to find these spices at a good price. English folk don't eat much exotic food, you've gotta go...
  12. pitchfork

    fitting a gun safe

    You sure the studword isn't a steel system? You can't fix to the metal stud walls and a lot of new builts use it.
  13. pitchfork

    The Spicery

    You're going to the wrong places for spices then, stop shopping in the lovely areas and go to the ****** part of town predominantly occupied by immigrants. Best place to get spices - cheap and good quality. They're tight knit communities so the markets are self regulating. No, I use the...
  14. pitchfork

    So I bought a Henry Vacuum from Amazon

    The great thing about henrys is that they never break and if they do you can usually fix them for less than £20
  15. pitchfork

    Light Sleepers

    I use the disposable earplugs for months at a time, never had a problem. I can't sleep without them in though. Oh, and get a louder alarm if you're sleeping through it. Oh and learn how to put in earplugs, roll them into a small cylinder, lift the ear and put them in. Don't just shove them...
  16. pitchfork

    MPS debate banning pavement parking totally..

    I'll park wherever the hell I deem to be safe and practical, they can do what they like, won't make a difference to me. Parking to block a path so a wheelchair user can't get past isn't safe or practical. Anyway, I walk to work these days. I'd hate to go back to driving to work, where I...
  17. pitchfork

    The Spicery

    Extortionate. £6.70 for the spices that go into one meal? Last time I spent near that on spices I came out with a carrier bag full of proper indian spices. Just google the recipes and make them. Jesus christ, £6.70, next you'll be paying £50 for them to slice the chicken and post it to you.
  18. pitchfork

    38 degreees petition to introduce rent cap in London

    I have zero sympathy for people living in London. Don't like it? Don't live there, it's too many people trying to live on too small a piece of land. It's not as if wages don't reflect the higher cost of living, most people would live a better life earning less outside of London, it's their...
  19. pitchfork

    Lost my job, What now..

    You're qualified, just start applying, worry about certs later.
  20. pitchfork

    Decorating for re-sale

    If the frames are currently in a sorry state you'd do well to get them freshly painted. Reaplacing the windows however I wouldn't bother.
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