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  1. jasonsony735

    Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

    Looks cool :) I'll keep my eye on this one.
  2. jasonsony735

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    Would have to say World of Warcraft vanilla , Spent a good 4 years of my life playing it and loved every moment ! Sadly like all games that love vanishes and new things come along but when I look back that game had my time & attention ! I was even taken sick days of work to play expansions...
  3. jasonsony735

    Why have graphics stagnated for almost 20 years?

    If you play at 4k and have 3090 and play at Ultra settings you wouldn't even ask a stupid question like this ! Games are amazing compaired to 15 years ago. Don't get me wrong games like GTA are holding there own still 10 years later.
  4. jasonsony735

    What Virtual Reality games are you playing?

    Walk about Golf is currently my go to VR Game ! Hooked up to my PC on the Quest 2 it looks fantastic with the settings maxed out.... Then my 2nd Game is Bigscreen - If you want to Watch all the latest movies Free with other people or setup a War debate with 15 other people then its the place...
  5. jasonsony735

    *** Elden Ring ***

    So I've played 2 hours now and I've come to the conclusion you need up upgrade after killing mobs but you must keep resting because if you Die you lose your coins to upgrade..... Its an ok game but I've spent more time running back to spawn points to save than I have fighting as early game you...
  6. jasonsony735

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Trash game worst game I have played this year ! Whats fun about running around a world finding random mobs and getting killed over and over and over again ! BoringHELL Gets 2/10 from me ! Would not recommend this game to anyone. Its just trash.
  7. jasonsony735

    3070 TI @ £799 - doesn't feel too stupid a price?

    All the Retail outlets are selling my RRP MSI 3080 @ £1300 + Its not dropping anytime soon its a fact ! ever more on EBAY.... The card is well over year old now and was sold at £740 when it got released.
  8. jasonsony735

    3070 TI @ £799 - doesn't feel too stupid a price?

    HaHa some of the comments above are hilarious ! if you think this Card 3080 and 3080ti are going to drop in price any time soon you are in a dream world ! They are more expensive than they have ever been and still massive shortage of the cards people want from the likes of MSI ..... This card...
  9. jasonsony735

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ?

    Thank you I have 3080 and use Cable to PC so what should I put my Oc Tool Debug settings at ?
  10. jasonsony735

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ?

    From looking online it only seems to mention the HZ going higher so would I be right in saying playing direct from Pc with a good card you would get a higher refresh rate ? but the graphics will always remain the same. What I want to know is say I buy the steam version can I adjust the Graphics...
  11. jasonsony735

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ?

    So no matter where you buy the games or how you play them they will all look the same quality ? Don't the games take in to account you have 3080 so bump up the Quality for you if connected direct to PC ?
  12. jasonsony735

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ?

    Oculus Quest 2 Better Quality connected to PC direct ? Can someone confirm to me if its better to Buy the games on STEAM for example and then play them direct from PC ? Its not made very clear and its also a lot cheaper buying the games on the Steam VR planform currently . I don't plan to...
  13. jasonsony735

    LG 2021 OLEDs (C1, G1 etc)

    Picked myself up Denon AVRX3300 in sept on Ebay and its been perfect :) Cost me £450 and was mint and works perfect - 2.1 and 4k 60 FPS - only thing it doesn't do is 120 FPS but then I do that direct from PC anyway so its not an issue. ATMOS works great from VLC Player from downloaded...
  14. jasonsony735

    Epic vs steam - have your thoughts changed?

    Its defo the best until they work out people are exploiting the game time ! LOL I've paid like £1 for 3 months , cancelled , waiting a few weeks and then done the same again... seems they don't have an issue with this as ive done this for 2 years now.
  15. jasonsony735

    Dr. Disrespect permanently banned from Twitch

    Well I'm 39 and watch him from time to time :) He can be pretty funny at times. I honestly don't care what he does in his private life ! We all make mistakes and we all do things maybe we shouldn't so who cares well done to him.
  16. jasonsony735

    Dr. Disrespect permanently banned from Twitch

    He broke a few rules to be fair ! First we had the scandal where he cheated on wife and then we had the scandal where he was filming in a Toilet ! Then there was talk of him trying to get other streamers to quit Twitch and join him in a new start up ! Anyway he's laughing because he moved to...
  17. jasonsony735

    Epic vs steam - have your thoughts changed?

    Both have there benefits ! I generally only use steam now for the community forums . Games are well over priced ! Epic a lot cheaper And FREE Games at Christmas. Will always continue to use both - Bit like Facebook and Instagram we will always end up using them both forever.
  18. jasonsony735

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    But don't you need all the DLC and season pass to enjoy the best of the game ?
  19. jasonsony735

    Aliens Fireteam

    Aliens Fireteam should be available now but when I click to download it sends me to the Subscription menu but I have active Game pass member ship right up into April next year ?
  20. jasonsony735

    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    Can't get Aliens Fireteam to install ? Anyone else
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