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  1. da_mic_1530

    A5 sportback, 4 series gran coupe or Arteon

    What is it that's the main drive for the car purchase, are you looking for a fun car on twisty roads that can handle the family, more space, cheaper to run etc. What are you currently driving
  2. da_mic_1530

    Spanish Grand Prix 2022, Barcelona - Race 6

    Within the constraints of it being "the spanish grand prix" it was very entertaining today, thought George drove brilliantly, as did Lewis to be fair, once he'd got the moaning out of the way. If Merc get their act together then it could get very interesting for the championship. Such a shame...
  3. da_mic_1530

    Greenlizard0 PL & Championship Football Thread ** spoilers ** [22nd/29th May 2022]

    Tempted to pop down my local (Leeds based) in my toon top tomorrow. Would love to see Leeds stay up with Newcastle beating Burnley. Free drinks ahoy!
  4. da_mic_1530

    BTCC 2022 thread

    Fantastic racing in the slippy conditions. Really enjoyed today's racing
  5. da_mic_1530

    Obi Wan Kenobi

    I enjoyed the mandarlorian but struggled with boba fett and didnt finish it - do I need to watch that before watching this?
  6. da_mic_1530

    Doctor Who

    I recall me complaining about Matt Smith being too young, then he ended up being my favourite doctor. Looking forward to the reset of Dr Who, it must be at last chance saloon before it needs to be rested for a decade if the scripts / viewing figures are not up to scratch
  7. da_mic_1530

    To France and back in a banger (TwinTown 2022)

    Wasn't sure if this warranted a new thread or not (mods feel free to move to a relevant "car spotted" thread if needed) Thought I'd due a quick type up (more details to come if I have an interest in the thread) regarding my recent trip to France (Le Touquet to be exact) in a banger, competing...
  8. da_mic_1530


    Impressive that its already "sold out" - the car in no way fits my new family requirements, however I was still massively tempted to put down an order and plead forgiveness from the wife
  9. da_mic_1530

    Gran Turismo 7

    Given the long weekend I'd be up for some ocuk bank holiday Monday gt7 if there's any takers
  10. da_mic_1530

    Gran Turismo 7

    Would have been well up for the race night but can't do this Thursday. Enjoy and I'll hopefully catch the next one!
  11. da_mic_1530

    Gran Turismo 7

    can anyone tell me how to set my global driving preferences, like manual transmission, or racing line. I can only find the options when Im in a race, which then just defaults back when I leave said race
  12. da_mic_1530

    Gran Turismo 7

    After watching some reviews it seems that this feature is once again missing - has anyone seen anything to suggest this is possible?
  13. da_mic_1530

    Carabao Cup Final Chelsea v Liverpool ** Spoilers ** [27th February 2022]

    Just hoping for an entertaining one, who knows, could be the last trophy Chelsea wins for a while depending on how events unfold (I realise Roman's announcement hasn't really changed much, but it could snowball....) Trent to score from outside the area is my betting choice today
  14. da_mic_1530

    Greenlizard0 PL & Championship Football Thread ** spoilers ** [25th Feb - 1st March 2022]

    I very much hope so - hopefully 3-0 quickly after half time and the game can be over, stick bruno on for some minutes and I can go to the pub happy
  15. da_mic_1530

    Gran Turismo 7

    Has there been any confirmation that you can have online lobbies, with friends, and fill the grid with AI? That's been a significant issue with GT Sport when I want to play with friends, yes I know I can create a lobby and fill it with randoms but it always ends it disaster. I'd like the same...
  16. da_mic_1530

    Korma - Cumin overpowering

    shout out for the "that curry guy" books by Dan Toombs if you like BIR style
  17. da_mic_1530

    WBAC Values

    Will get back to you on the wider points. But re screen, totally usable, decent system but I just use Android auto. Really nicely built into the dash rather than just an ipad stuck to a dash. However the screen resolution is lower than in my old f type, it's fine, but if you are coming from a...
  18. da_mic_1530

    WBAC Values

    Was there anything in particular you wanted an opinion on or photos of? Had it a few days now and got some initial impressions
  19. da_mic_1530

    WBAC Values

    Will provide pics on Friday evening when I pick it up from the dealer providing it meets my expectations. I went for the 280 bhp veloce edition, which is as close as I could get to the four cheese pizza edition I could afford
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