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  1. Mr C

    Which Uni?

    As far as I remember there is a direct bus that goes to Coventry from Warwick Uni and back, so it's not so bad a journey. Warwick is easily the best university in the list there for a lot of subjects, though Law isn't something I know much about. I would assume just by its prestige as a Russell...
  2. Mr C

    Tory MP Sir David Amess murdered

    Amess, had held that constituency for 24 years, an absolute pillar of that community. A very strange choice if politically motivated. Well I guess murdering anybody is a strange choice to say the least. In the immediate aftermath of this event I don't think it's sensible to speculate, but lets...
  3. Mr C

    *** GB News *** (stay on topic!)

    Well it seems you both have misunderstood the obvious point, it wasn't on the reasons for urbanisation, it was the fact that the UK can EASILY increase its population (housing) in urban areas without building OUTWARDS as other countries have managed to do so. But as i mentioned above, the...
  4. Mr C

    *** GB News *** (stay on topic!)

    I'd like to point out that you're fundamentally incorrect. The figures generally work in the opposite direction, higher values of urbanisation relate to lower values of urban land use across the country as a greater share of the population congregate in a smaller area. For example, the UK has...
  5. Mr C

    *** GB News *** (stay on topic!)

    I've not watched any GB news but from my assumptions I would guess that firstly £60m doesn't go too far when launching a whole new media program and I bet a lot of the budget was spent on getting presenters, leaving little for the important aspects of media production. I would also think that...
  6. Mr C

    Netflix's Movie "Cuties" If you want a ****** for a neighbour vote Labour.
  7. Mr C

    Rumour Mill : Kim Jong Un could be dead.

    I have quite limited knowledge on the NK/SK/China/USA intricacies but is there a possibility that pending a civil war that (assuming KJU's death and a lack of direct successor), to protect S.Korea and more importantly to distract from Trump's terrible current image and as a push for re-election...
  8. Mr C

    Gucci Belts

  9. Mr C

    Why are there now so many huge business that don't make any money?

    Expected growth and returns in future. I think this paragraph sums it up best for me: Although from 2017 you can see in the picture here, that companies have huge expectations of future growth and profits...
  10. Mr C

    debenhams goes into admin 1) They rejected His deal because he had ample opportunity before this to be part of the pre-pack administration team and refused to do so: 2) Due to him not being part of the admin team his offers of earlier "loans" were...
  11. Mr C

    debenhams goes into admin

    If i remember correctly, Ashley wanted to be appointed CEO of the company as a stipulation of the buyout. Debenhams already had a pre-arranged deal to wind down their company too so felt it was best to continue along that path.
  12. Mr C

    bet365 boss pays herself £265 MILLION

    In all the casino's i've visited over the last 15 years including the ones i have worked in and for many years ago, this is incorrect. Casino's are almost completely populated by B1 machines and most recently a few FOBT's. B1 machines £2-4000 (pre 2014) £5-£10,000 (post 2014), the FOBT's are...
  13. Mr C

    bet365 boss pays herself £265 MILLION

    I've been reading this with some interest, i'd like to just attempt to clear up if there is any misunderstanding on the idea of compensators In the UK (i dont know about the US) all gaming machines are legislated by the Gambling Commision: These machines are categorised...
  14. Mr C

    bet365 boss pays herself £265 MILLION

    Not a news story. She owns 50.1% of the shares, i imagine the boardroom meeting went like this: Ms. Coates: I want to pay myself £265m Everyone else: can't you pay less and invest more into the business? Ms. Coates: let's have a vote. Ms. Coates: The votes are in: 50.1% for Yes i get paid...
  15. Mr C

    Drinking poor children's blood helps elite live longer. Will humanity be farmed in 100 years? I think we should start farming the poor!
  16. Mr C

    Vegas hotel recommendations?

    This I've stayed in the Aria and Cosmopolitan. I found the Aria to be nicer but that's just personal preference. The Wynn is excellent, i liked their buffet more than the others. Rather than messing around with taxis and stuff if you already have a vehicle or want to go to the grand canyon i...
  17. Mr C

    Upskirting bill blocked by single Tory mp

    I believe it already is illegal in Scotland and this bill was basically just the same for the rest of England/Wales.
  18. Mr C

    Heathrow third runway question

    Oops! I mistakenly posted
  19. Mr C

    Does anyone here keep chickens?

    I've had chickens and i'd say there smarter than you think. Ours naturally head inside as it gets dark no matter what they are doing i have not once needed to open the automatic door to let them in. They will destroy any greenery they can get to so keep flowers / vegetables well fenced off from...
  20. Mr C

    Trying to get my head round quantum computers

    I remember reading a large article about it in The Economist's print edition. It seemed quite comprehensive at the time. I think from this i got the gist of what they are trying to do. I believe this link is the same...
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