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  1. matty15

    *** HP Reverb G2 Owners Thread ***

    I noticed I lose about 15 fps sometimes when I start a game after doing other stuff on the pc (I use 3ds max / photoshop etc.), even when I close everything prior. It usually goes back up when I restart the pc or WMR but sometimes it takes 2 restarts. Anyone experiencing similar issues?
  2. matty15

    *** HP Reverb G2 Owners Thread ***

    Where did you get your odyssey cover from? Cant find any in stock...
  3. matty15

    *** HP Reverb G2 Owners Thread ***

    Just got my headset today and also having USB issues on an x570 board. None of the rear USB ports work, only my 2 USB 3 ports at the top of my case detect the headset, strangely. Audio kept switching between the headset and main speakers so I changed some settings in WMR and it stopped crashing...
  4. matty15

    HP Reverb G2 uk release date?

    They said they sent out a batch last night but didnt say which. If you didnt hear from them or get a tracking number today I'd assume you're getting it on Tuesday latest.
  5. matty15

    HP Reverb G2 uk release date?

    Yeah I think its the ones with controllers that are delayed the most unfortunately. I got a long email from SA today explaining the situation plus tracking details. Im in UK yes
  6. matty15

    HP Reverb G2 uk release date?

    Mine is out for delivery today and I ordered on Nov 23rd (no controllers though)
  7. matty15

    HP Reverb G2 uk release date?

    Anyone here ordered theirs at the end of November? I ordered the headset only (no controllers) as that was the only option for Xmas delivery but havent had any updates since. Im aware SA are busy right now and I'm probably near the end of the line... but still, if it doesnt get delivered in time...
  8. matty15

    Windows Host Script error at start up

    All done thanks!
  9. matty15

    Windows Host Script error at start up

    Hi guys, I've recently started to get an error pop up after booting into windows. I cant seem to find a solution for this... The error says: Script: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\BC0B57.vbe Line: 73 Char: 2 Error: The system cannot locate the resource specified Code: 800C0005 Source...
  10. matty15

    OCZ Agility 3

    This benchmark is irrelevant, use ATTO benchmark software.
  11. matty15

    Qx9650 vs 3570k

    It'll be a big step up for your rig, go for it!
  12. matty15

    Over £3k spec - Please check :)

    Hmmmm cant see an SSD on the list ~~ EDIT: Turns out im blind!
  13. matty15

    Antec Kuler 920

    Mount it to the back of the case right beside the cpu, its the most common solution and probably the best one for 120mm rads,
  14. matty15

    Multi threaded games: 3570k vs 3770k

    I second that, most of todays games wont use the additional threads, theyre more useful for video encoding and rendering
  15. matty15

    Is 4GB of RAM good for a gaming system?

    Not true, the game runs smoothly on highest settings with my 4gb..
  16. matty15

    ****Show Us The inside of your Case!****

    Custom paint job by myself, and I've now re-sleeved the 24pin power cable so the coloured cables aren't showing like in the picture. Also ive added grommets which aren't in the picture either. Will take another one when I install my n520 cooler (need to buy a mounting bracket for LGA1155)
  17. matty15

    ****Show Us The inside of your Case!****

    Are you using different fins for the dominators? EDIT: Nvm, didnt realize you've only just ordered them
  18. matty15

    Which RAM?

    Corsair all the way, you wont be disappointed:)
  19. matty15

    AMD Athlon 250 Wont Overclock

    As another member said, it downclocks to save power when it isnt needed, dont worry about it.
  20. matty15

    Ahhhh. I am an idiot.

    I just meant the difference wont be noticeable on a pc
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