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  1. TheRealDeal

    Far Cry 6 GPU performance not bad at all but is severely bottlenecked by CPU

    Played it through on Xbox One X and didn't suffer from stutter.
  2. TheRealDeal

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, the flagship reinvented

    Hahaha i said that to myself after reading the question about a ROH thread and 2 seconds later read your post.
  3. TheRealDeal

    Fidelity Super Resolution 2.0

  4. TheRealDeal

    The RTX Related Games, Benchmarks, Software, Etc Thread.

    From reading around this update will only be on ps5 and xbox so very doubtful PC will be getting it at least for now. If PC does get it you will need to buy a new game just like on Ps5 and Series x. Ps5 users are getting 3 months free online though so i plan to get all the online stuff done in...
  5. TheRealDeal

    Would you say this is right? Heirarchy chart from some user on Reddit. Fine wine came into play as usual. There ain't a big gap between the 2070s and 5700xt these days. At release the 2070 and 5700xt were around on par but now there is a gap and the 5700xt sits in between non super and super. Chart...
  6. TheRealDeal

    Total War: Warhammer III Benchmarks

    Think its still mainly a dx11 game which in this day and age is shocking. No game should be based on dx11. Should be dx12 with backwords compatibility for older dx cards. Devs are just so lazy these days.
  7. TheRealDeal

    The RTX Related Games, Benchmarks, Software, Etc Thread.

    Give me a decent ground shooter any day. It might actually be fun but i don't get that feeling from watching the gameplay.
  8. TheRealDeal

    The RTX Related Games, Benchmarks, Software, Etc Thread.

    That was all over the place and i seen nothing that made me want to buy it. Floating about in space making myself an easy target against more easy targets. Lets get it bought due to a few effects.
  9. TheRealDeal

    The RTX Related Games, Benchmarks, Software, Etc Thread.

    Hahahaha that's an understatement. That looked like utter trash gameplay wise. I am not sure what they were even trying to show off.
  10. TheRealDeal

    The Financial Results Thread

    I can half agree. I am pretty much paying Sony though as they already paid for it. Sony don't deserve me not buying as they are selling at a very good price for what i am receiving unlike AMD, Nvidia and there oem's. I feel like i got value for money with the Ps5 unlike current gpu prices. I...
  11. TheRealDeal

    The Financial Results Thread

    Buying a console is hardly giving the nod to high prices though. It's more a nod to you ain't charging the world for this so i will buy. I have voted with my wallet this round as i bought a ps5 which is a great price for what you get and gave the middle finger to both gpu companies for there...
  12. TheRealDeal

    AMD's fake prices, Nvidia and AMD want to stop publishing MSRP

    Yea what I was saying is they eventually came down to where the card was a good buy. Now the prices go up over time because of what you said. I barely ever buy at launch if I cant get rrp so wait until i get the price i feel the product is worth. Atm it's a long way off and i doubt they will...
  13. TheRealDeal

    AMD's fake prices, Nvidia and AMD want to stop publishing MSRP

    I got mine under a year from launch for £450 with 3 games. Is also the top model Red Devil card. Wish that was the case these days. A year on from launch and paying more seems like a great deal. I wanted to upgrade but no chance I am ripping myself off. Got a ps5 at launch for RRP and in about...
  14. TheRealDeal

    PC Gamer: RX 6500 XT looks worse on paper than AMD's $199 GPU from six years ago

    The card is literally crap but so is the whole market. Still would have been nice if it was faster than it's predecessor. The whole market is depressing but i do feel the 6500xt is a card of the times and would not have came to pass if covid and mining was not a thing. I have not been keeping up...
  15. TheRealDeal

    *** AMD "Navi 3X" (RDNA 3 discussion thread) ***

    AMD like Nvidia will give you the performance they think is worthy at the price point. if they want to slow a card down by giving it lower Pci-e bandwidth they will do so. Why cut back the chip more when they can simply limit it through the interface if indeed the card has more to give in the...
  16. TheRealDeal

    3080 12gb

    I will give you that with the 24gb Vram but the 7800gtx also had a 512mb version which is double the Vram of the normal card. It would set you back £430 back then. So again thats the top chip with an overkill amount of Vram at the time.
  17. TheRealDeal

    3080 12gb

    It's not a Halo product it's just priced crap. It does nothing the 3080 cant. It's even the same chip as the 3080 which is a cut down 3090. Since when were top chips classed as Halo products. If the 3090 had Titan ability's and the driver i would possibly put it in the halo class but it hasn't...
  18. TheRealDeal

    3080 12gb

    The only problem there is the 7800gtx was the top card so your comparison is with the 3090 price and not the 3080.
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    Does G-Sync still carry much relevance?

    When people ask me about buying a monitor now I recommend a gsync and Freesync monitor as it does not lock them into any brand. I think the Gsync only monitors are a bad decision these days as being locked into any brand is not a good move. It's not like the monitors that do both will be...
  20. TheRealDeal

    Lisa Su - you can find consoles, you are just not willing to pay for them!

    It's a lot of rubbish any how. Ps5 in general is not hard to get at RRP. My mate has gotten 7 in the last 2 weeks for friends and family. Fair enough you can't just walk into a shop and buy to take away but non of those bought were gouged and were all from reputable retailers. All he did was...
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