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    on-demand content options

    I don't watch enough TV normally to justify continuing to get the TV XL package from Virgin Media, so I'm going to get rid of my V+ box and switch to just Freeview. While Freeview gives me most of the channels I want to watch I rarely watch anything live any more, so what are my best option for...
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    USA spies on EU

    I'm less concerned about the spying and more that diplomats and other officials don't encrypt sensitive information before sending.
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    Quick networking question, if you don't mind.

    The gateway IP is what's used for traffic to a different network (ie, the Internet) so all devices regardless of what access point they are connected to should have the router connected to the Internet being the gateway. For wireless setup, if both routers are set up using the same SSID, same...
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    Sharing files between two home computers using two different internet connections

    So wait, are both in the same house? if so why does internet come into this at all for sharing files locally?
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    Just picked up a Cisco 2811

    I'd say just sell the thing on ebay, make a little money. If you have no experience and don't know how to even connect to the thing then perhaps start with just using something like Packet Tracer or an emulator to learn.
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    Was Queen Elizabeth I a Man?

    Queenie a man?! Never!
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    Turkish protests

    Looking at that it seems the protesters deserve whatever they get coming to them.
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    Turkish protests

    I lost all interest in this when some of the protesters started spreading lies about what's actually happening. There is one big post going around tumblr and other sites supposedly showing pictures of what's happening and people who have died... except that some of the pictures are months/years...
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    Security Essentials background update

    Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the background update that security essentials does? Even when automatic updates are turned off and the user interface process killed there is still a MsMpEng.exe system process still running that automatically restarts if killed. Normally a...
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    Chrome can't right click

    Thank You! It seems to have been my Logitech Gaming Software causing the issue (I use a G600, so the software manages the button mapping of the dozen buttons it has). I tried to right click it in the notifications part of the start menu and it crashed, so something was obviously wrong :P seems...
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    Open University

    There are some deadlines, for example most courses will have 4 to 6 TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments), maybe some CMAs (Computer Marked Assignments) and possibly an exam/project at the end. These all have deadlines that you will have to submit your work before (you can ask for an extension if you...
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    Open University

    It depends how familiar you are with the subject. If you have no experience in the area at all then the estimates aren't usually too bad. But for example when I did my ICT degree I already had good experience as I was using computers since childhood, and the level 1 courses were fairly easy...
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    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    443 is the default port for HTTPS, so hopefully wont be traffic managed any time soon.
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    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Have you tried using a different port? I use 443 with my provider and have no issues maxing my 60Mb at any time of day.
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    Chrome can't right click

    I've already made a thread on the chrome support forums (!category-topic/chrome/report-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help/bF8nTMveUAg) but not had a response yet so hoping someone here may be able to help. For some reason I noticed today that I...
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    So we don't get to "Try out a high end Asus router" at all, we just get to play with a simulated router web interface? Yeah, that test sure is going to show us how good .11ac is, simulated routers will give all the performance information we need :P Perhaps change the title.
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    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Looks like it may be time for me to find another DNS provider. Benchmarks have shown that the default VM server for DNS was far faster than others, but right now I just lost a ranked LoL game because I disconnected, I tried to reconnect but couldn't and even the website was down. I checked...
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    Posted on VM forums, internet went terrible

    That sounds about right. They can perform remote diagnostics on a modem using the IP that made the forum posts, and arrange engineers, so the engineers on the forum do have the ability to lookup account information based on IP. If you posted from a non VM IP then obviously they wouldn't be...
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    Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation

    If this is just a simulation then I think it's quite poor of the developers who created this simulation that we haven't had any graphical updates or expansions yet!
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    Powerline or wifi bridge for 2 meter gap?

    I wouldn't want to stream 1080p to my raspberry pi over Wi-Fi, but if you have a fast and high capacity SD card in your PI you could set up a network share on it, and transfer what you want to watch onto it and that way you'll know when you play it back it's all local so should play flawlessly...
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