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  1. pallys

    Do people realise how bad the Ambulance service is right now?

    Occams razor - too many people.
  2. pallys

    GPU or CPU upgrade?

    Do nothing, your gear is fine you won't notice any improvement.
  3. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters

    Nice glad you got it sorted I hope.
  4. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters

    You can rule out the marvel NIC if you disable at the hardware level via bios setting. If it still happens with it off AND no cable in it then problem is elsewhere. Regarding the ram, seems unlikely it is the problem if you still get symptoms running 1 stick at 4400mhz max.
  5. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters

    Ye don't get the same board again. I don't think it faulty it's immature tech and future bios updates could make it more stable with your ram. Try 1 stick ram at 4400mhz speed. I'd return your ram too if it's not too late and get a ram mobo combination that you know works for others.
  6. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters Is your memory code on that list? Bios f8a? Try installing those gigabyte provided chipset drivers. Yes disable nic in bios if you really want to disable it. Try 1 stick of ram at jedec non oc speeds. Make sure...
  7. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters

    Run the memory at jedec speeds i.e. under clock, no xmp. Disable nic in bios. Try a gaming benchmark on loop to speed up testing. Remove excess drives/peripherals. 1 monitor. Swap GPU for a spare? Try that too. Is the memory on motherboard qvl? You've got a bleeding edge pc, issues might need...
  8. pallys

    New build - Sound intermittently cutting out and stutters

    Try the latest drivers direct from the nic manufacturer.
  9. pallys

    ASUS CASH BACK - beware it is a CON

    Mine got paid btw but I had to re-ask.
  10. pallys

    PSU and cap ageing

    Get a plug power meter
  11. pallys

    ** The Official Space Flight Thread - The Space Station and Beyond **

    The whole world was watching and they did the count down in French. Watching with some kids and it was a bummer for them, what a way to not inspire a generation. Anyone with interaction with young kids knows that countdown is one of the best parts for them.
  12. pallys

    Help me resolve an issue Renault main dealer cannot after 8x attempts!

    Sell it, sometimes these kind of problems ain't worth throwing money at.
  13. pallys

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Ah that's a shame I was about to take off my as5 and replace with t005 because of the road noise. So what is a quiet tyre suitable for BMW.
  14. pallys

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Any change in road noise?
  15. pallys

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Yeah that's my experience too, ok on baby smooth tarmac, anything else whining/droning in the cabin. Seem to be mounted ok with the 'outside' label visible. Went back to the garage and offered to take a look but was an hour wait. Also said I would have to contact head office as bought it...
  16. pallys

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    Well I got my Goodyear asymtric 5 fitted to the fronts and I'm getting whirring noises, you know like you get on cupped budget summer tyre treads that flange. Not sure what to do about this, will F1 autocentre swap them for another pair? What's the norm here in this situation? The pirelli p7...
  17. pallys

    Alarm system

    If they are not available then another engineer would factory reset the whole alarm system, reprogram it and set a new code. Sometimes they know how to just reset the code. I don't know what those links to but if you can find the engineering manual, this is a technical one that tells an...
  18. pallys

    Alarm system

    Post the photo in a alarm CCTV electrician type forum if no luck here. Try searching with Google image also. Once you got the manual you can figure out which sensor is setting it off and disable it. Sometimes the battery in the main panel needs replacing. Sometimes the bell box outside is...
  19. pallys

    **Unofficial Tyre Thread**

    What about the mileage of these all season tyres, do they last as long as the summer equivalent if used all year round?
  20. pallys

    Vega64 PSU recommendation

    It's faulty, if you were running at stock or overclocked then that's what caused it, too much power over time has damaged the components, most likely memory.
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