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    ****** Official World of Tanks OcUK Clan ******

    Now and then. What do you need?
  2. OspreyO

    What film did you watch last night?

  3. OspreyO

    What film did you watch last night?

    I think it's very hard to do aviation movie and make it mainstream block buster. Modern air combat is like 3D chess most of the time they hardly see each other. Top Gun is full of 80s cliches. It's of it's time.
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    Items you own that have followed you through life

    I've never had the space to hold on to stuff. So I've not kept anything. A few favourite books maybe. Probably the oldest stuff I have is my dads tools, that I would have used a long time ago when in the building trade. Never had space for them in my own house. When I clear out the parents...
  5. OspreyO

    This Business and Moment...

    I think you should be careful that someone else micromanagement habits don't rub off and become your habits. No one needs multiple iterations of changes. Not once someone is beyond a basic level.
  6. OspreyO

    Work laptop slow

    You'd already worked it out. You can't remember everything, but there's so much help on excel online always check best practice there.
  7. OspreyO

    Work laptop slow

    Generally the solutions for these kind of things are on the web. If you are doing a lot of data heavy stuff moving it into a...
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    Need help choosing a new laptop. Would you recommend yours?

    Mines the AMD 5600 I think. I was use it on battery now and then for a few hours and I rarely hear it spin up.
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    Need help choosing a new laptop. Would you recommend yours?

    If you are just doing office stuff the fans shouldn't go on. My Legion 5 Pro is silent doing office tasks. That said my house isn't silent. If you want truly quiet go for something that has no fan at all.
  10. OspreyO

    Salary Expectations (UK IT)

    I seriously doubt anyone is doing what the op described for estate agents/mam and pop type outfits. However there is truth in saying to get a high salary you need to be in a place that's generating a lot of money. That becomes harder the smaller a place is. A smaller place, especially startups...
  11. OspreyO

    Onkyo files for bankruptcy

    Oooh thats sad. Always liked their stuff even if I never bought any.
  12. OspreyO

    Moon Knight (Marvel TV series)

    Thus far I thought its been good, though I didn't like this weeks episode. I though the main guys been quite good. English accent is ok, its just a little too fawning.
  13. OspreyO

    Do you think it is worth it to become Microsoft Azure and 365 certified?

    Depends if you think certs are worth it. This thread seems to think no. I think having done some it's useful.
  14. OspreyO

    Salary Expectations (UK IT)

    What do you want to be...?
  15. OspreyO

    Honeymoon Help

    Similar to above been to Maldives twice but long ago when it was more basic. I paid extra the second time to go scheduled flights and not suffer the sardines of the charter flight.
  16. OspreyO

    Reinstall win 11, bookmarks help

    Personally I sync my edge bookmarks between different work machines using my Ms account. Personal stuff is in chrome which is in my Google account and synched there between machines. Just easier.
  17. OspreyO

    Are we best going back to physical media

    I don't have good sound system, because of the I don't have enough sound isolation from other rooms etc. But even on just using a half decent TV I find the quality of IQ and sound so much better on physical media. I find it works more reliably than streaming. My own Nvidia Shield is so very...
  18. OspreyO

    *** Microsoft Windows 11 Thoughts & Discussion Thread ***

    Guess I'll be keeping Win10 so.
  19. OspreyO

    How to market yourself as a drifter?

    Its not being judgmental. Its just pointing out the observable pattern in what you've described. You get better job from building experience and skills. One way to do this fast is short term contacts. or staying longer in jobs. But you have to be proactive. But (and this is being judgmental)...
  20. OspreyO

    Mobile phone cameras vs compact digital camera

    I found people are intimidated with a DSLR pose differently but far less so with a phone camera. When kids were small I had to much to carry that the camera got left behind.
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