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  1. EddScott

    Who here owns a Subaru?

    I have been playing with seats recently. I bought these Recaro seats before I bought my RA and had them retrimmed before being fitted. They've been in pretty much since the start. These are the 2nd set of Recaros as I bought 2 new SPGs at vast expense which turned out to be tiny in the hips...
  2. EddScott

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Ooooh. I like Meister R dampers. I have GT1s on my Evo and Impreza. Actually prefer them to Ohlins but they get overlooked because "Ohlins" :)
  3. EddScott

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Funny, my Mrs wants to see it but I have no interest :D We'll be going in the week. Happy wife etc
  4. EddScott

    Frustrating Prusa MK3S problem - Filament only comes out manually

    This is the start G Code M862.3 P "[printer_model]" ; printer model check M862.1 P[nozzle_diameter] ; nozzle diameter check M115 U3.11.0 ; tell printer latest fw version G90 ; use absolute coordinates M83 ; extruder relative mode M104 S[first_layer_temperature] ; set extruder temp M140...
  5. EddScott

    Frustrating Prusa MK3S problem - Filament only comes out manually

    Unfortunately I can't find the SD card. Have reset the printer, Reinstalled Pruslicer and still the same. I've also noticed the printer doesn't wait for the bed and nozzle to heat up before starting to print.
  6. EddScott

    Alien Civilisations like us extremely rare?

    I've tended to believe that we are not the only inteligent life in the universe and the reason we haven't made contact is the reason neither has anyone else. Distance.
  7. EddScott

    Frustrating Prusa MK3S problem - Filament only comes out manually

    My Prusa has developed a really frustrating issue I can't seem to resolve. When it starts to print no filament comes out - or it's just tiny little blobs. If I move the extruder via manual, it comes out fine. If I perform a first layer calibration test, it comes out just fine. Go to print...
  8. EddScott

    Could you recommend a fiction/novel audiobook from the Audible store, please?

    Really like the Bobbiverse books. I also listen to Expeditionary Force. There's been several books and they do meander a bit but decent enough. Children of Time and Children of Ruin are also recent listens. Dune, Jurassic Park.
  9. EddScott

    I found the Evo I was looking for. (V RS Content)

    Be interested to hear how you find the SR3s on a run. I have SR5s in my Impreza and they get uncomfortable really quickly. Right leg is dead after an hour or so. Shame as they look great I have an old Recaro Pole and a new Corbeau Pro to try out. Your Evo is looking well!
  10. EddScott

    travel for the unvaccinated

    We are travelling to Croatia on 26th. Croatia has dropped vaccines but still needs an arrival form to be completed beforehand. We're both double jabbed but didn't get boosters. Caught COVID couple of days after end of PCR so no proof of contraction. Didn't really want to get boosters just to...
  11. EddScott

    Interest rates increased

    Edited - oh, I see. Your complaining about the cost of houses in the UK relative to income? Yes, it's a ball ache but I'm not sure what can be done to resolve it. No, it's similar to others - £80K. Pre-COVID house prices in West Wales were still fairly sensible. I've owned the other 3 between...
  12. EddScott

    Interest rates increased

    I wish! One is my home, one I bought to help a relative out, one is my family's old home, and have just bought another today to house my eldest whose just had a baby. Property baron? Accidental (reluctant even!) landlord is far more apt.
  13. EddScott

    Interest rates increased

    Would hate to be paying that much for one house. My total mortgage costs are £1769 but that is over 4 properties.
  14. EddScott

    Looking for a new single player game. Don't know what one. Ideas?

    SOMA is really good IMO. Alien: Isolation. I'm near the end of Cyberpunk and was thinking of going a different direction with Kingdom Come.
  15. EddScott

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Having been to Chornobyl numerous times, the dust thrown up from passing trucks is a bit of a worry. Although we are fed by the Babushkas at least once during our stay and that's all home grown. :eek: It's not difficult to find the odd bit of carbon. The room with the firefighters clothes is a...
  16. EddScott

    What film did you watch last night?

    Ambulance - a solid "Michael Bay out of 10" 'splosions, ropey story, more 'splosions, little bit of 'Murica, F Yeah!" topped off with a car chase and more 'splosions. Nissan GTR criminally underused.
  17. EddScott

    Cordless Impact Wrench?

    Useful necro TBH I've been undecided what impact wrench to get for a while. Had considerd Milwaukee as I also want a small leaf blower as a car wheel and engine dryer. I was thinking the M12 range would suit.
  18. EddScott

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Up until recently, I've been paying £193 a month for gas and electric. A recent review showed I'd built up credit of just over £800 (not sure over what period) The provider - Scottish Power - dropped my monthly payments to £83. Bit of a result I thought. Yesterdayt morning I get an email...
  19. EddScott

    Inheritance Tax

    Couple of things: Main IHT threshold is £325K There is an additional allowance for when a residence is passed to immediately family of £175K (this was initially "Main residence" but this seems to have been dropped. Have never seen anyone use anything other than main residence thus far. You...
  20. EddScott

    Gaming Kickstarters

    Bit of a noob question I'm sure but if you miss a KS, is there any way to still purchase a game? I was looking at the Thunder Road KS.
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