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  1. ste_bla

    Anyone in IOM

    Yes but the other half said they are £400 vs £1000-1200 on mainland and as she wants two would be a fair old chunk of money
  2. ste_bla

    Anyone in IOM

    Hi, mrs looking at staff puppies and there are some in the IOM, they are cheap and cute, we cant get there to see them, have spoken to owners who seem ok, however just screams SCAM. You know the give us your address and the courier will phone to arrange del you bank transfer and bam...
  3. ste_bla

    Anyone ever worked as a multi drop courier ( what ****** you off about this job)

    Drop rate for too low for mileage incurred, used to have a round £2 a drop plus 10% for extra parcels £3 a collection, did 100 ish a day out in sticks 20 min from depot did 2 tanks fuel a week in a lwb sprinter so currently £150 ish fuel. Van sounds about right price for a rental/lease...
  4. ste_bla

    What would YOU spend a £20 Amazon voucher on?

    Amazon basic lighting cables.. rub off Amazon name... then stand outside Apple store and profit!
  5. ste_bla

    A single temporary average speed camera (M62 Eastbound M60 junction)

    For when they put in the new junction between 10 and 11
  6. ste_bla

    Recommend me a sat nav!

    What do you want.. screen size, traffic, lifetime maps,Bluetooth etc?
  7. ste_bla

    We're sorry we cant deal with your call at the moment Goodbye!

    Your doing it wrong. Just tell bank not your dd and reverse it, and cancel bank charges.
  8. ste_bla

    M62 Cameras

    40 is lowest motorway gantry signs can go
  9. ste_bla


    If that's the same place in dunstable / Houghton Regis (lu5) I would personally avoid
  10. ste_bla

    My Porsche 944 S2 – Project Log

    Is that little brickhill?
  11. ste_bla

    would you take a cat d car?

    Why what's wrong with a corsa? And you could use the argument they are all the same so why does anyone ever buy a newer car compared to the same shape/model that's Been out for years? And service history would be looked at and anyone could not bother getting car serviced!
  12. ste_bla

    would you take a cat d car?

    £4000-4500 budget Looking at corsas And will have to have a think/talk with her! Cheers
  13. ste_bla

    would you take a cat d car?

    Either car would be ran the same way, and wouldn't be big issue if did want to sell it just know would get less as has been a cat d which is fine as cost less in first place no big deal
  14. ste_bla

    would you take a cat d car?

    How/can u find out what/why was written off?
  15. ste_bla

    would you take a cat d car?

    Looking to get the Mrs a car, nowt special don't want fincance etc. For our budget when could afford a 58 plate with 50-60k on the clock, if we went for a cat d then your looking at a 10 plate with 20-30k on the clock. Looking to keep the car 5-6 years run it into ground etc. So resale...
  16. ste_bla

    Spec me with a differnce

    Ouch didn't think be that much to replace it didn't even think cost that much orginally
  17. ste_bla

    Spec me with a differnce

    Need a new pc however price isnt really an issue however just needs to be roughly same or slighter better performance to pc i had (sorting out an insurance claim!) Old pc was; i5-2500k Gelid Tranquillo CPU Cooler 8gb ram corsair Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Intel Z68 amd hd 6800 1gb ocuk branded...
  18. ste_bla

    door frame

    Basically wooden front door with wooden framework kicked open as keys lost. Now a good foot of the frame is buggered/split. So what would/should the fix be cut out a bit of frame or whole new frame. Also any idea on costs for a tradesman to do as don't have the time currently to do it...
  19. ste_bla

    Royal Mail shares

    They are not the current shares, Google royal mail phantom shares
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